Date:16th September 2013 at 2:28pm
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It is not often that I would find myself agreeing with the post match analysis of Jamie Redknapp but in relation to his recent words about David Luiz and his performance against Everton, it’s difficult to argue against him.

The Brazilian has a history of crazy moments in which one wonders if there’s a brain under all that hair but other times he’s capable of the sublime and because of his unorthodox style he can sometimes be made a scapegoat unfairly.

There are many things that wouldn’t have pleased Jose Mourinho on Saturday evening at Goodison Park and I think he’d be a little disappointed in himself too, but someone on the staff has to sit down with David Luiz going throw footage of Everton’s goal as it is a mistake he repeats time and time again.

Lending the image Redknapp had on his Daily Mail column


Moments before this the 26-year-old came charging out to try and win a ball he was never going to get to, unnecessarily as Ramires was in a position to cover once they got past John Obi Mikel, as a result Branislav Ivanovic had too many men to mark and four opposition players were goal-side of Luiz. Not only did he do that, he just sort of stopped and watched the man who he’d left free nod the ball home after failing to get anywhere near the ball. It’s a little amateur and certainly isn’t fair on his team-mates.

Gary Cahill enjoyed a good start to the season, better than I expected him to, and was brilliant for England against Ukraine and I was a little surprised to see him left out. Redknapp argues that a defender of Luiz’s style is much more suited to the European game and as a result he ought to be first choice in the Champions League, but should both John Terry and Cahill be ahead of him as far as domestic football is concerned? Either way, Mourinho won’t allow him to make such silly mistakes as he did at the weekend.

I’ve not always been his biggest fan but I won’t be giving up on Luiz as I would argue that he was the most improved player in the squad over the course of the previous campaign and he’s learned, perhaps not quickly enough and if he could just cut these brainless errors it’ll pay dividends.

I’m not singling him out either as I think everyone that played in that match needs to have a good look at themselves, especially Schurrle and Ashley Cole as both were much worse than Luiz, but focussing on this flashpoint alone he needs to cut the rashness out.

Source: Daily Mail