Date: 15th August 2013 at 1:00pm
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David Moyes was part of ITV’s panel for England’s 3-2 victory over Scotland at Wembley Stadium last night and watched as ‘injured’ Wayne Rooney started for the Three Lions.

The forward had been training with the youth team towards the end of last week and wasn’t able to play in the Community Shield because of an injury but was declared fully fit by Roy Hodgson just 24 hours later and the forward played 67 minutes against Scotland before making way for match winner Rickie Lambert.

ITV’s panel did not really press Moyes on it as they had probably been briefed on what they were allowed to ask but the Scot didn’t offer any sort of explanation on Rooney’s miraculous return to fitness, only that he was pleased to see him play.

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Essentially Manchester United’s wish for him to be there had the desired effect as people aren’t questioning Rooney’s future as much as they were and Moyes’ presence in the studio gave off the impression that there was nothing amiss. There is no way the lads in PR would have allowed him to be there if it had turned out otherwise, if there was nothing wrong there would have been a manager’s press conference before the match against Wigan.

It also gave Moyes a vehicle in which to reiterate publicly that the player in a controlled environment without the chance of being harassed by anyone that will challenge him. He also come up with some other guff designed to please the United fans by saying they’re looking at several targets (they’ll get Fellaini).

I’m not particularly fussed about whether or not Rooney makes the switch to West London and he wouldn’t be my choice, but as long as the approach makes Moyes and company’s life a little more difficult it’s worth doing. The fact that United have been so defensive with their public relations demonstrates that Jose Mourinho has already gotten under their skin.

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14 responses to “Moyes and United putting up a front over Chelsea target Rooney”

  1. Idiota7 says:

    Typical deluded fan of little club chelsea, rooney is better than centreforward you have but no way will united sell him to your little tiny small club. Where would you be without roman?

  2. Pete Borota says:

    Idiota7 your empire will start to crumble mate. Moyes is no Fergie, Mourinho will have him for dinner. Plus City and Spurs are building better squads than yours. If RVP is injured early season? Well lets just say you’re dead on the water.

  3. pete fedrik says:

    Idiota is what he named himself, litte, tiny small brain with little/no knowledge of football.

  4. Steve Dunham says:

    Agree Mourinho will have Moyes runing. Man U won’t even be in the top four. One trophy season the community shield. Roll on Monday 26th. Result. ( 0-3)

  5. Kallys says:

    Idiota7 or whatever your name suggests, am sure U have no clue about what football really is. Try sounding intelligent so U can read, idiot.

  6. Kelvin potos says:

    As d name sounds Idiota7, it no news dat u sounded so frustreted, cos there would be no fegie to ground out results so by oct. It would b a tough decision if moyes is really wot a man utd manager. As for RVP, an injury to him will signal d end of man utd for d season. Man utd may not be in d top 5 nd will also be a total dissapointment in Europe.

  7. van ginkel says:

    Where would utd be without fergie? Perspective. U gonna learn today

  8. Trigger1062 says:

    Idiota7. Utd are history. Your not even the biggest club in Manchester as they wear blue mate. We’re great with roman thanks how you lot with the two bob yanks? How much do utd owe them? Too much to pay mate, so don’t start spouting on about sugar daddies, cos utd had them before they were fashionable. Utd and Liverpool were able to buy anyone they liked but its changed now, and your two bob lot can’t compete with city, Chelsea, Monaco, PSG so get over the whining jealousy and dream of how great utd used to be!! You lot won’t even get top 4. Moyes is shite and fergies dropped you in it cos no-one wants to come play for moyes, what’s he ever done? Not a winner is he?? Watch the blues coat tails ya mug cos that’s the closest you lot get to jose’s army this season. Player by player we don’t need any of your lot but you’d love at least 6 from Chelsea to make utd half decent. Mata, hazard, luiz, cole, lampard, van ginkel all walk into utd no sweat.

  9. Eidur says:

    @Idiota7 hahahaaaaaaa

    We’re so small but we have got you well and truly wound up, ya mug.

    Enjoy life without old bacon-face. No-one is intimdated by meek Mr Moyes.

    Looking forward to taking six points of your lads this season.

  10. MataOfFact says:

    You can’t spell Manchester United without C-U-N or T.

    I see Moyes has his excuses lined up already over fixtures. Poor poor United.