Date: 12th July 2013 at 11:05am
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Wayne-Rooney-2040401A fair amount of fuel had been thrown over the Wayne Rooney exit talk yesterday when the striker was sent home with a hamstring injury and today Jose Mourinho admitted that he admires the Manchester United player.

“I cannot speak about players from other teams but you know me.”

More or less meaning, I shouldn’t but I’m going to anyway.

“I have always said what I think and I like the player very much.

“I cannot say more than that. He is fast and direct. I like him but he is a Manchester United player.”


It’s fairly innocent and doesn’t mean a whole lot, but Mourinho isn’t naive and is fully aware of the impact any comment he makes has on the media and maybe even on Rooney himself.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the fact Rooney was sent home from pre-season training with what is a fairly minor injury. David Moyes says that it’s because they didn’t want to take any risks with the wrong player after a long flight (yet they’re sending him on another one back to England) and he’ll be treated at the AON training facility despite the fact they have medical staff with them in Asia.

We can only speculate but I think it’s fairly obvious that the relationship between Rooney isn’t rosey and Chelsea would represent his best option if he wanted to remain in the Premier League. It’s also something of a headache for Moyes, who has only just started in the job and this sort of distraction is the last thing he needs.

He wouldn’t be my preference considering his staggering wages and the fact he struggles to control his physical conditioning but I can see why Mourinho would want him at Stamford Bridge. For Mourinho it would be an early victory over Moyes and Rooney is a proven scorer in England with the added bonus of boasting home-grown status.

There’s usually a saga every summer, could this be the one as far as Chelsea are concerned and do you even want Wayne Rooney at Chelsea? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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One response to “Mourinho not-so-innocently fuels Rooney speculation”

  1. MataNot says:

    Seems odd that he’d fly back 6,000 miles just because he has a slight muscle injury.