Date: 30th May 2013 at 10:00pm
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Jose-Mourinho-1867023Barcelona vice-presidentĀ Carles Vilarrubi has thrashed out at Jose Mourinho ahead of his anticipated return to Chelsea and predicts he will be a ‘disaster’.

The Portuguese manager has made his fair share of enemies during his controversial career in football and his antics have proved unpopular in Spain. Going by recent accounts and the constant slamming he gets in the Spanish press, he isn’t going to be missed much.

Mourinho will end his three-year reign at the Santiago Bernabeu after the game against Osasuna on Saturday and is expected in West London shortly after to confirm his move to Chelsea.

Vilarrubi criticised the former Inter Milan and Porto boss:

“It is not good for English football. Chelsea maybe think they had a good time from him in the past, but you will see the real Mourinho now.

“If he behaves like he did in Spain it will only be an unhappy relationship. A disaster. And at his age he is not going to change.

“My position is not because he was the coach of a rival, but because of who he is and what he did. His three years in Spain he only creates disagreements, arguments. There is nothing positive he brings.

“You can learn good things about life from watching people in football, or the circus, or the opera. There was nothing he brought that was good. There was no positive balance. I cannot see anything good about him. Not one thing. In sporting terms, maybe I am not the person to ask. But in cultural terms, he was a disaster.”

He added:

“Apart from his aggression to the coach of Barca, the ambience he creates everywhere he goes, the relations with the players, with the press, are absolutely terrible. I am happy that he is leaving. And so is everyone in Spanish football.

“I am just glad he has gone. I am not interested in him. Go leave, goodbye.”

(Sky Sports)

That is quite the spiel from a man that claims that he has no interest in Mourinho. The Special One has obviously touched a nerve there and there’s a long history of ill feelings between the Catalan club and ‘El Traductor’, and I doubt he’s done with winding up those at Barca yet.

With Mourinho we know what we are going to get. He will ruffle feathers and often go to extreme lengths to defend his team, but it’s only in Spain where we have seen him act truly mental (poking Vilanova in the eye, for example) and over the past few months he has looked unhappy.

He’s a more experienced coach than the man that took over Chelsea back in 2004 and he’s now won league titles in four different countries and the Champions League with two different teams, but his greatest challenge will be to build something that’s long lasting at Stamford Bridge. Can he do it or will it end in tears as Vilarrubi suggests?

Mourinho loves England and considers London his home, where he is loved. There’s obviously many negative aspects to Mourinho’s personality but I’m not sure we’ll see behaviour to the extent of what was on show in Spain during his time with Los BlancosĀ replicated here.

Source: Sky Sports


One response to “Barca chief hits out at ‘disaster’ Mourinho”

  1. ene ukpai says:

    Its obvious that Barca more than any club in spain were threatened by Mou… That’s why they are very afriad and can’t wait for him to leave. Talking about spoiling the spanish football, was Mou there when players wanted to boycot games just because they feel they were getting less pay compared to the almighty Madrid and Barca? *sigh* somebody should spend his time doing meaningfull things instead of poking their nose into things that doesn’t concern them….. I’m a CHELSEA fan and a very big fan of MOURINHO and I can’t wait to have him back at chelsea!!