Date: 24th May 2013 at 7:00pm
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Ballack-Mourinho_DiashowFormer Chelsea star Michael Ballack is backing Jose Mourinho to be successful should the Portuguese manager return to Stamford Bridge this summer.

Many have said that Mourinho will have to contend with higher expectations than he did during his first stint at the West London club but Ballack, who played under Mourinho, believes that he has nothing to prove and is well suited to Chelsea.

The German international said that Chelsea and Mourinho are a perfect match:

“Going back to a club where the fans love him, the club loves him but also English football loves him (could be good).

“He is special and brings this little bit extra off the pitch as well. That is part of football today.

“If you see his success in club football over the last few years, it is fantastic. From my point of view, I can say I really enjoyed working with him in the two years. He was really professional.”

He added:

“He is still young as a coach. He already won two Champions League finals. Not winning with Real Madrid, of course, is a disappointment for the club.

“But he showed he can do it with other clubs as well. That is why maybe he is now looking for a new challenge.

“I do not think he has to prove anything anymore.

“But for yourself as a person, you want to prove all the time. You want to win every game and that is what makes it so special and difficult.

“Around the media, the expectations are a part of football. I think Mourinho can handle it.”

(Sky Sports)

When Ballack speaks of a ‘new challenge’ for Mourinho I cannot help but think that he’s hinting towards something long term as the 50-year-old has already been successful for the Blues previously.

Building something with a bit of longevity would prove to be a new challenge for Mourinho and he’s coming back to a different Chelsea. We’re already on the map, we’re already prolific when it comes to winning competitions and we added our name to the winners of the Champions League last season – we are a bigger club than the one he signed for in 2004.

Of course, we all know what happened at the end of his first term in charge when he started banging on about eggs and omelettes whilst the club hierarchy kept being altered around him, it all ended in tears after the owner called his bluff. Things have come a long way since then, we have an academy that is producing talented youngsters, a revised scouting network and Michael Emenalo seems settled in his role as technical director and will support the manager Рthis is obviously something Mourinho has agreed to.

But can Mourinho do a long-term job? We haven’t been shown many signs of it so far but it’s already been suggested that is his intention. I hope that is his plan. I don’t want to see it all end in tears.

Source: Sky Sports


2 responses to “Ballack: Mourinho ready for ‘new challenge’”

  1. Gary says:

    The second coming of Jose can only mean one thing: Roman is ready for a long term manager and Jose finally wants to be one. Doubters get ready for what Roman and Jose are not known for! It had to happen sometime; you cannot hire and fire forever!