Date: 22nd May 2013 at 12:00pm
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hi-res-169057244_crop_650Rumours were circulating yesterday suggesting that Real Madrid were interested in purchasing Chelsea’s David Luiz and today the Daily Mail believe Barcelona will join the race and Jose Mourinho will sanction the sale of the Brazilian.

Mourinho hasn’t even been officially announced and he’s already making big decisions over players he’s never worked with, allegedly. The report says that the outgoing Real Madrid coach isn’t convinced by Luiz’s defensive capabilities.

Luiz cost Chelsea £21 million plus Nemanja Matic when he signed from Portuguese side Benfica in 2011 and it’s likely the club would make a profit if they did sell to one of the Spanish giants for around £30 million.

The Mail believe that Mourinho wants a new central defender, a defensive midfielder and a forward, a significant amount of the budget would go on the latter.

Chelsea have shown an interest in Schalke’s Krygiakos Papadopoulos but consider him too expensive and Jose is keen on bringing Real’s Raphael Varane with him. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that Varane is coming to Chelsea in the summer and it has nothing to do with politics at the Madrid club, they don’t want to sell him and why would they?

We we need a central defender whether Luiz stays or not and would probably need two if he was to leave. He does suffer lapses in concentration but was our best centre-back over the season, especially as John Terry’s years of playing through injuries seems to have caught up with him.

Luiz can be a pain in the backside but I doubt any manager would want to offload someone of his talent before having the chance to work with them, it just doesn’t make sense to me and even less so when the report goes on to say that most of our defensive targets look unlikely at this stage.

Source: Daily Mail


22 responses to “Mourinho to offload Chelsea defender? Surely not”

  1. todd says:

    you sound so sure that Varane will not come to Chelsea. I would take Varane for Luiz. knows how to defend at the top level and is about 6 years younger.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Well, he’s at one of the biggest clubs in the world, is happy and they don’t want to sell him – why would he be going anywhere?

  2. Andi Hope says:

    God, I take it this is a site for American armchair supporters who know absolutely nothing about football?! So the retards with really short memories and the ones that hasn’t even heard of Chelsea before , let me just correct you…Jose is as much the reason we had success in the last 10 years as Roman’s money or the players… He is Chelsea! The winning mentality that the older players have is due to him, his legacy is the reason our trophy cabinet is full…If you are thinking because of Real Madrid’s failure this year is down to him, rather than the squad of mercenaries and egos on the pitch, then you know nothing about football. Nobody can bring that club what they desire until the totally change the structure of the club and give the manager the boss the respect he deserves. Carlo Ancelotti will have rings run around him at Real because he is too soft to deal with those spoilt little brats on the pitch. David Luiz is going nowhere, he loves Chelsea with a passion and one day on training ground and 2 minutes talking to Luiz and Jose will see that. He does need to improve his defensive game, though, and also Jose will not tolerate him strolling back whilst strikers are in the box defending, so his game and his mentality will probably benefit Mourinho’s influence better than any player…

    • Anthony Williams says:

      By the looks of this, you spent more time writing your comment than you did reading the article.

      I’m not sure how you managed to conclude that anyone is criticising Mourinho or that I’m saying Luiz is leaving. The doubt was even expressed in the headline, let alone the rest of the piece – look before you leap.

      By the way Mourinho ‘is Chelsea’?

      I love Mourinho but how could you call anyone an armchair fan and make such a statement? Founded in 1905, not 2004.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Of course, I’m sure you didn’t intend to misunderstand what was being said or insult anyone. We won’t hold it against you, Andi.

  3. henry says:

    if this z to be believed true then Mou z f****d up
    he z nt da rite manager for us.
    f**k these romours coz they r p***ing me off

  4. yardley says:

    luiz is a consistent player and we need him and if mourinioh plan for it then forget to come to chelsea because he always have a attitude of wasting money than saving clubs and selection of players

  5. nana buadu says:

    if mourinho claims he is a good coach then he should transform luiz to suit the type he wants because luiz is going nowhere.

  6. Akinyemi Olawale says:

    Why would Jose think of selling luiz, He (luiz) has been one of our best player *?????????*????? season, all Jose needs to do, is to improve him in some areas.