Date:4th December 2012 at 9:30pm
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Since Fernando Torres arrived at Stamford Bridge from Liverpool for a £50 million fee in the January of 2011, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the player but for all the wrong reasons, unfortunately.

Although interim manager Rafael Benitez, who enjoyed a successful relationship with the player during their time at Liverpool, has had a few words to say about the Spanish striker.

Benitez was quoted in the Telegraph:

“He scored a lot of goals in training today. He is a great player and if he is the right positions they will play with him and if he’s not they won’t.

“It’s not just scoring goals. If you analyse the corners (against us) he was amazing, two or three times clearing the ball. He was helping the team defend. But as a striker you want him to score goals.”

It seems to me as though the man is scraping the barrel with this one and is looking for any excuse possible to praise a man that has made little contribution since he arrived. Heard plenty of players and managers commenting on how a player looks in training, but never seen one defend a goal-shy forward by remarking on his amazing finishing abilities when it doesn’t count.

Didier Drogba was much more gifted when it came to defending the penalty area during set-pieces and, more importantly, he scored plenty of goals…it was his job. Going from a man like that to Torres is saddening and I don’t think Benitez should be insulting anyone’s intelligence by lauding his ability to clear the ball two or three times when he’s missing sitters at the other end of the pitch.

Source: Telegraph


11 responses to “Are you having a laugh? FSW praises Torres’ ‘amazing’ ability to clear the ball”

  1. J757 says:

    FSW?????? Female Sex Worker?

    • Anthony Williams says:

      That’s Torres.

      Benitez is the Fat Spanish Waiter.

  2. RafaTheGaffer says:

    I guess when Torres does score in the next game, the fans will boo again?

  3. Eidur says:

    I’d like to know why Torres has all his excuses made for him. The worst signing in Premier League history has the support of a board that fire managers left, right and centre. Ancelotti, Villas Boas & Di Matteo couldn’t get this waste of space to fire & they’re all gone, two of them won major silverware and weren’t shown patience/respect.

    When did we become Torres FC and when can we axe this clown and be Chelsea again?
    Gourlay Out, Buck Out, Tenenbaum Out, Emenalo Out and Torres Out.

  4. Rob says:

    ha ha yes i am a Liverpool fan that at to be easy money 50M for a flop you was all screaming and laughing when you had how thing turn out, the only club to ruing a first class striker,

  5. egg says:

    Chelsea fan having a go at his own manager for defending a Chelsea player, a manager who is hated for pointing out how rubbish Chelsea fans were whilst out thinking and out fighting their most successful manager ever. The irony is mindboggling

  6. Zane says:

    I feel most of the Chelsea fans are glory hunters or almost half of them turned into glory hunters. I also do think that Torres was bought at a wrong time or should not have been considered in the first place. His style simply didn’t suit the other players Chelsea had at that time so goal droughts came,his confidence took a major knock,he had to adapt by building mass and ultimately leading to changing his style which clearly hasn’t worked for him. Now Chelsea has some of the players who suits his previous style and now he doesn’t have that pace anymore because of extra muscle mass. Chelsea messed him up. If any of you know football,whether you played or play the game yourself,you’d agree with me. Besides Torres,look at the midfield. It’s slow and it needs creativity. MAZACAR Doesn’t have to go deep and collect the ball because that’s not their job. Again,if any of you know football,you’d know how the double pivot system works and what kind of players are required to make that area of the pitch tick. Our current pivot is dead. The only thing those two players can do is defend. One has to shield the defense extremely well but what about the other one? What’s his job? What’s Xavi’s job for Barcelona? What was Alonso’s job at Liverpool and what is it now at Madrid? Think people. Stop following the bloody press and start looking at the problems in the team except Torres’ struggling form.

  7. Ph says:

    I see racism (Spanish jibe) is alive and well at the bridge Mr Williams

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Surely the ‘fat’ part is the insult? Fattist if anything.

  8. Zane says:

    Rubbish? Look at the 4-3-3 system with which Chelsea were so dominant. You had Essien or Mikel as the sweeper. Then you had Lampard as the box to box type. Then Ballack as the playmaker. When Lampard ran forward,the system changed into a 4-2-3-1 leaving Ballack and Essien/Mikel in midfield. A midfield has to have a playmaker,a player who is composed on the ball and is accurate in his passes forward (long or short). In the current setup,Chelsea only has a box to box (Ramires) alongside the sweeper (Mikel) meaning the midfield in dead. Ramires can only run with the ball,he can’t pass it.