Date:11th October 2012 at 3:00pm
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Chelsea’s Ryan Bertrand is the latest player to be sensationalised by the English media over a rant the England defender had on Twitter earlier today.

Bertrand had to withdraw from the squad and must have been upset by the suggestion that he couldn’t play as he was suffering with a sore throat when he says it’s actually something more serious, and went on to describe symptoms usually associated with a head cold or the flu.

The 23-year-old tweeted:

“Just to clarify…. Its not a “sore throat” Im ill. swollen glands in my neck… And constant headache for 3 days now and freezin cold.

“Do you think a “sorethroat” could stop me being apart of a match for my club or country? #yourfuckingnuts this is what every boy dreams of.”

He added:

“sorry if i offended anyone by swearing as i don’t encourage that type of language. was just disappointed at the thought of people thinking i only have a sore throat.. which is not the case.”

Before long the likes of Dan Silver of the Mirror and Alan Tylers of the Telegraph used the opportunity to blab on about role models and referenced Ashley Cole as a bad example blah blah blah.

I’m struggling to see what the big deal is. He got upset, he swore and then he apologised to those that may find the language offensive. Who give a toss? Get over it, it’s Twitter.

The FA have said that they will not charge Bertrand for using the offensive language.

Is it just me, or is it just getting petty in relation to our players and the British media?


7 responses to “Bertrand’s angry Twitter rant, what’s the big ****ing deal?”

  1. Sir Cecil says:

    So why are YOU helping to spread this rubbish story on the Internet?

  2. Young says:

    Actually, as you so eloquently put it, I give a toss! I’m guessing you swear, and, unless you’re a schoolboy still under the guardianship of your parents (which you might be, as you seem to have time to compile this dross) then swearing is not cool and for the most part (that’s discounting chav families) swearing would be discouraged and kids would be taught by their parents not to swear. Now, apart from parents who have a direct influence on a childs behaviour, footballers and any other high status media face, have a duty to behave in an appropriate manner. The world lacks role models and all this is doing, is showing kids that they can be really thick, say and do whatever they want, but hey, it’s ok, because we’re famous and have money. This is not the kind of society I want to be part of, and yes, though Bertrand did apologise, it’s already too late, it’s been read and posted by you for even more exposure! These are highly paid role models who need a greater sense of responsibility to their clubs and those the parents that trust these role models to their children. Still, your probably just reply and call me a c***!

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Sure, society is going to fall apart because Bertrand said a swear.

      Extremely minor in the context of modern footballer’s midemeanors and too big a deal was made of it as they did with Ashley Cole’s recent tweet.

      It’s sensationalism. End of.

  3. Sir Cecil says:

    Well said “Young”.

  4. Timlos says:

    I don’t understand what all the noise about twitter is. Is it not like my private domain into which someone enters? Can I be charged for swearing in my house? Don’t you have to access his account before you know what he is saying? Maybe it’s better one puts up a caveat emptor notice so whatever you find on my page are my musings just like thinking aloud.

  5. ShedUpper says:

    People swear, who cares?

    Footballers as role models? Do me a favour. When they aint kicking a ball about nobody cares, the easily offended shouldn’t follow football anyway, how much colourful language do you hear in your average football chant?

    Those who are obsessed with players off the pitch should stick with Hello magazine and the gossip pages.