Date: 25th August 2012 at 10:00pm
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Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has already cemented his name as both a club and Premier League legend, he may even further his reputation by becoming our highest ever goal scorer and you’d fancy him to do this at the rate Eden Hazard is winning penalties/making assists.

So, many weren’t happy with the treatment Lampard received from Andre Villas-Boas whilst the Portuguese manager was at the club. No player has a god-given right to walk into the side and Lamps played 49 games last season, so couldn’t really complain about a lack of playing time, but he’s lifted the lid on the rift between the two and said it wasn’t much to do with being left out, it was the complete lack of an explanation after being left out that irked the England midfielder.

Lampard was quoted in the Daily Mail:

“Looking back, we were slightly different personalities.

“What I found hard to handle was not so much the not-playing side, it was the communication – or the not talking about it.”

But Frank insists that he holds no grudge against Villas-Boas, now at Spurs:

“There are no hard feelings, certainly not from me. We sent messages after he left. I wish him all the best.”

At 34 years old, Lampard hasn’t lost any desire and is always keen to play every game as any footballer worth his salt would be, but I’m sure he’d expect to sit out a few more games than he did during him pomp. Chelsea are moving away from the 4-3-3 formation that was built around Lampard & Didier Drogba, but the latter has since departed and Lamps is occupying a new role.

He didn’t have the best of performances during the Reading game but we know he can play there as he bossed a few games in a deeper role alongside John Obi Mikel towards the back-end of last season. We’ve recently signed Oscar, who plays in the number 10 role for Brazil, but I can see him eventually lining up in Lampard’s position as Chelsea’s midfield pass master.

In 49 appearances last season, Lampard scored 16 goals and made 10 assists. He’s also started this season with two goals, albeit via the penalty spot, do you think he’ll break Bobby Tambling’s goal record at Chelsea?

Source: Daily Mail


17 responses to “Lampard explains Villas-Boas rift”

  1. agent yax says:

    What rubbish does a coach need to explain to you why you won’t be playing A match,you were not picked for a match and that’s it,simple,hope you won’t put that pressure on robbie mikel had an excellent game against the toon in your absence.

    • charles says:

      Lampard is a vetran so he needs explanation and he is the Best midfielder ever in chelsea and maybe in Priemiership aswell.. So AVB needed to talk to him and not to isolate him cos lampard is a Legend and still scores lots of goal and decides matches too.. He played so well when AVB was out. Di matteo is a chelsea boy so i guess he understands that morethan AVB.

    • Wabby says:

      I share ur thoughts. Was he not employed by club? Why hold a grudge against your boss? Same thing that happened to scolari. Player power was to be scraped when they connived against SCOLARI and AVB.

      • Anthony Williams says:

        He says he doesn’t hold a grudge. Bemoaned a lack of communication which is fair comment, no?

  2. Ayodinifyz says:

    CHELSEA played well in defense without Lampard and also attack…. By the way mikel played well too in the absence of lampard because thenever the played together lampard always leave wide space at the back and mikel just have to cover for him… Lampard can go on and score as many goals he want but he wouldn’t be starting always

  3. jack says:

    All the problem of Lampard in Chelsea will end soon as i see no reason for giving him a contract. Who is he that a coach should explain to him for not playing him? I personally do not want him in Chelsea for the sake of our future coach like Guardiola that we are expecting. Lampard can not adapt to a new style of play.

    • fash says:

      u re not serious which coach are u expecting again. U are an ingrate who can beta RDM

    • JERRY says:

      who and who is expecting Guardiola??? RDM is our man enough of that Guardiola talk IDIOT….

  4. Forward says:

    Lamp sould be cautioned frm critising coach4 nt playing him,coach is in position 2 deside his squad.u are a player dat just av to shw wat u can offer.Dimatio sould b d parmanent coach even if he lose matches,we ar nt intrested in guardiola.CHE D WINNING TEAM

  5. Forward says:

    Lampard sould be cautioned frm critising coach4 nt playing him,coach is in position 2 deside his squad.u are a player dat just av to shw wat u can offer.Dimatio sould b d parmanent coach even if he lose matches,we ar nt intrested in guardiola.CHE D WINNING TEAM

  6. Effizae prynce. says:

    Lampz…u jst a player….fortunate to be a legend…revolution will always catch up wif u…’s abt tym u left chelsea…oscardinho needs space n freedom….

  7. kayode says:

    see your self so lampard is now ton to somebody you don’t want to see at chelsea again ooooo my God put lampard in your shoes what are u going to say if people talk about u like that well i cant blame u,u don’t know anything about football [DMT] WHAT ever formation you want to use lampard need to be part of u want to compare lampard to oscar no is not possible not now till he was 37 can’t u see giggs doing at [man utd] so let him be ok

  8. Seunzy says:

    Alrite what i want is that lampard should rest atleast 1 in 3 matches if we can do that chelsea will be a great team in d world. Up bluezz.

  9. Alan Frank says:

    AVB’s problem is that he has no respect. He had none for Lamps, Drogba, Anelka, Alex, Ashley Cole etc etc. These guys had all ‘done it’ for Chelsea and deserved far better from the Manager. It is why the clown lost the dressing room and why he will be found out by Spurs this season. He’s a little bully with a huge chip on his shoulder. Lamps hasn’t scored from open play for a long time, where he used to score regularly so I think Bobby Tamblings record will stand for years to come. You can’t score pens from the bench.

  10. Wabby says:

    I’m surprised that people tend to compare lampard to giggs. Looking at the way giggs is used at united, he can still play even when he’s 42 or above. And secondly, giggs has never complained or caused trouble in the dressing room which goes to show the level of professionalism in him and other veterans in their team.