Date:24th May 2012 at 6:40pm
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Lille star Eden Hazard is considered one of the hottest properties in Europe and has reportedly agreed personal term with three Premier League clubs which include Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, but which club will the Belgian choose?

The 21-year-old is to announce his choice by June 2nd after Beglium’s friendly against England at Wembley on that very day, according to Hazard’s agent. It has also been reported that he base his decision on prospective playing time and the on-field position he’s to be deployed in.

Reports in France, on Sky Sports and the BBC recently suggested that the player wants to play for Manchester United with some sources considering it a ‘done deal’ but Hazard insists that he hasn’t made his mind up yet and is continuing to weigh up his options.

He told HLN:

“I do not know when I’ll make a decision about my future club.

“It will be Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea. My decision will depend on my position and how much playing time I will get.”

“Not everyone can say that they have a choice between three top clubs.”

He added:

“I’m happy that I’m playing for the Red Devils [Belgium] in my best position, as a true No. 10.”


Before now I thought that Hazard was nailed on to go to Premier League winners Manchester City as I had doubts that United would match their offer and did not know if Chelsea would be in the running as our future was in the balance ahead of our Champions League final against Bayern Munich, but it would seem as though everything has changed since Roberto Di Matteo and the lads lifted the big-eared trophy on May 19th.

As Hazard has already agreed terms with all three clubs that are in for him (I don’t believe Arsenal are in the running at all) has it nullified City’s advantage, which is their spending power? Also, out of the three clubs it’s City that may find it hardest to squeeze him in as they already have the likes of David Silva and Samir Nasri to keep happy in their midfield, amongst others. The Daily Mail has also suggested that City are tired of Hazard and may turn their back on his choosing to spend the funds on Athletic Bilao’s Javi Martinez.

There’s also more competition for his place at Manchester United than there is at Chelsea but I don’t see any of their attacking midfielders keeping Hazard out of their starting XI, even if they do sign Borussia Dortmund’s Shinji Kagawa. United also offer the pull of being the most decorated club in the country and are the most stable outfit out of the three.

At Chelsea, there’s only one man that could realistically challenge Hazard for the number 10 role in the starting line-up and that man is Juan Mata, who has been fantastic for the club since signing from Valencia last summer and has enjoyed playing behind the main forward since Roberto Di Matteo took charge in March. But I don’t think it would cause many rifts if the Spaniard was moved in a wider position to accommodate Hazard. But just because he says his best position is as a #10 doesn’t mean he’d be unhappy with a wider role and there’s virtually no competition in that position at Chelsea to keep him out and limit playing time.

One thing is for sure, all football fans seem to be getting fairly tired of this latest transfer saga and want a resolution as soon as possible.