Date: 15th September 2020 at 6:49pm
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Most of us are attached to the Premier League. Hence, the Premier League is crucial, & let’s discuss how to give it a fast start, which Chelsea got last night with a 3-1 win at Brighton.

According to the previous data of the Premier League, over the last three decades, the division has changed a lot. And based on this data how we will predict the outcome of the 2020-21 campaign.

It is not like we are calling it ‘The Premier League Era’, the reason behind this is the 28 years of English football. And this is why it is settled in our hearts. When we compare modern football with football back then in 1992, we would notice a great difference.

The superclub phenomenon consists of the domestic leagues that are dominated by the most powerful teams. This is all only because of the Champions League involvement that includes all the riches from commercial deals. This was considered to be a game-changer and turned the Premier League in the mid-2000s.

Well, all these modifications to the game have become possible with the help of the ultimate tactics of coaches, players, and technology for counting the scores and also, by zooming up the smallest mistakes of the players. This allows the players to learn by watching their mistakes and giving their best.

Premier League & Hits

As we look at the year 2012, Alex Ferguson pointed out the exact moment where it shows things getting changed at the top.

Until 2003, there were not many tactics required to win the Premier League, it only needed saving enough energy for the run-in.

You won’t believe that till now it has been over 28 games throughout the Premier League campaign and in the first 11 campaigns, the champions were at the top just three times after the 10 games. These three includes the following;

  • Manchester United: 1993-94
  • Manchester United: 2000-01
  • Arsenal: 1997-98

The one who won the title eight times over the period is ‘United’. Hence, there is always an argument when it comes to the hits of the season.

So, now you can understand the beauty and craze of the Premier League Campaign. This is an ultimate gaming season for all.

Top Four of the Premier League

It must be a lie if we say that players don’t want to set an example for the youth by holding a position in the campaign. Whereas the reality is that there is a race amongst the players to grab the top four positions in this particular league.

And here we go with the battle of holding the top four positions in the league.

This all started in the middle of 2000-2001, the top four players were selected for the gameplay for the first time in the history of the Premier League.

After 10 matches of the Premier League season, the top four players were Birmingham, Portsmouth, Bolton (twice), and Aston Villa.

The top teams that are included in the list are Manchester City, Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham. These teams know how important it has become to be the top four after ten game, how difficult it is to be a part of this, and how amazing they feel after achieving this position. The below graphic from Betway shows just how important it is to get off to a fast start.

The Battle for Survival

The top teams no doubt hold the dominance of the league. In 1995, the Premier League became a 20-team division. Two out of the three teams after 10 matches stayed up with just three points on the board. And these top two teams were Crystal Palace (2013-14) and Newcastle (2018-19).

After the opening weeks of the season, the clubs that are hovering above the relegation zone are simply vulnerable. Sixteen teams out of the twenty-five teams were outside of the relegation zone from 1995- 1996. However, Charlton in 1998-99 & Bournemouth in 2019- 2020 stayed up in the top half & went on to relegation.

As we have seen how unpredictable the relegation battle is, we can ensure our Premier League status is based on the first ten matches.

And this is how it ends; we don’t have to feel low about it, as we can now predict the outcome based on the first ten matches of the Premier League season.


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