Date: 5th July 2019 at 5:50pm
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Sacking managers often is Chelsea’s thing, is it not? Well according to Ian Ladyman, it’s a habit the blues will have to stop with the appointment of Frank Lampard.

What’s being said?

Ladyman wrote a piece for the Daily Mail listing the reasons why Lampard is deserving of time to ensure the success of his methods.

Ladyman reckons that recent seasons have shown that Chelsea’s method of hiring and firing managers is having a negative effect on the dressing room and that it cannot continue.

He said: “Chelsea have won trophies regularly for 15 years and some say that justifies the method of hiring and firing managers. ”

“However, the desperate struggles of Maurizio Sarri and predecessor Antonio Conte would appear to have brought the London club to a tipping point.”

“The dressing room has been too difficult to control for too long. Sarri, Conte and Jose Mourinho know about that and it has become an inevitability at a club where players know a manager is never likely to stick around.” (Source: Daily Mail)

He’s wrong

Despite Ladyman’s arguments, he couldn’t be more wrong about the situation at Chelsea. There are two reasons why Ladyman is wrong.

The first is that Manchester City and Liverpool are fast becoming the dominant forces in English football. Chelsea haven’t got time to let Lampard get it right, especially if they want to be challenging the two powerhouses in the near future.

The second reason is that, despite Antonio Conte’s, Maurizio Sarri’s and Jose Mourinho’s struggles with the Chelsea dressing room, all three enjoyed success at the club.

To suggest that the dressing room would get worse and worse as managers get sacked is unfounded. All three of Conte, Sarri and Mourinho had horrible relationships with Chelsea players, which could be down to themselves rather than the constant sacking of managers.

Chelsea will need to be on their toes when it comes to sacking Lampard. Keep him too long and they could fall away even further from Liverpool and Manchester City.


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