This weekend, Chelsea play host to an FA Cup clash against Peterborough…

With life in the Premier League proving to be hectic and non-stop, Antonio Conte will undoubtedly be looking forward to a game against a less competitive

Of course, Conte must not be complacent and expect to win the game easily – but there is no doubting that Chelsea will be heavy favourites going into the game.

For this reason, the Italian could look to rotate his squad, and if he does decide to do that – he should definitely look towards the youth talent available to him at Chelsea.

The Blues have an incredible academy, and with the Premier League campaign going so well, it appears unlikely that they will be given a regular chance in the league over the next few weeks – and so the Cup may well be the only action they get all season.

There are a number of young talents available, and Conte might want to look at THESE 2 as potential starters…

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