Whilst Eden Hazard has vastly improved on his performances last season, it might be time for the Belgian to take a back seat against Leicester City…

Last year, Eden Hazard was, arguably, Chelsea’s worst performer. He was coming off of a season in which he was crowned Player of the Year, and the expectation was that he would go on and become even better.

However, in reality, as Chelsea crumbled, so did Hazard – and many feared that his career would be on a downward spiral thereafter.

This year, though, for the most part, he has impressed. He has scored goals and assisted all season long, which is a marked improvement – but is it good enough?

Hazard has been good, yes, but arguably, a few of his teammates could offer even more. He hasn’t really shown up in recent weeks, and whilst Chelsea have been winning – Hazard hasn’t really been a catalyst as he so often has in the past. He could be tired, or could be slowly losing his form – either way, perhaps a game on the bench could work wonders for him.

Pedro is a likely starter against Leicester City, but should Hazard join him on the other flank?

It is likely that he will, but maybe Conte should be bold and REPLACE the Belgian with one of these 2 stars…

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