These 2 defenders would be great John Terry replacements at Chelsea – agreed?

Andreas Christensen


A big part of John Terry’s aura at Chelsea is the fact that he grew up with the club, and so it would make sense to replace him with a player that has taken a similar path.

This is where Andreas Christensen steps in.

Christensen is slightly different in that he has gone abroad to develop; but he will come back to Chelsea at the end of the season every bit as good as John Terry was at his age.

Like JT, he reads the game perfectly – and what he might lack in technical skill he more than makes up for in outright determination and commitment.

Christensen has grown up at Chelsea, and he knows the club inside out – and that is so valuable in the modern game.

Conte has struggled thus far to sign a big money defender. Could his answer lie closer to home?

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