3 of Matthew Harding’s greatest legacies at Chelsea

 The Progression of Chelsea

stamford bridge

Harding’s focus and dedication to the Blues did not just stop at a simple investment, however.

He was far more focused on the longevity of his Chelsea project, and along with a number of other influential figures, Harding would oversee a period of sustained progression by Chelsea – a period that was characterised by an influx of foreign talent.

Ruud Gullit was, undoubtedly, Harding’s biggest project – with the world-renowned Dutchman coming to Stamford Bridge, a move which Harding had a hand in and was delighted at completing.

His vision and passion for the future of Chelsea was unrivalled, and it is unlikely that players like Gianfranco Zola would have signed following his death should his vision have not been accepted by the other directors at the club.