3 things Chelsea want you to forget about Cesc Fabregas

┬áInvolvement in Mourinho’s Sacking

There are two parts to this point.

The first, Fabregas has come out to publicly deny – but rumours often have some basis in reality; and the truth on this one is still yet to come out.

Fabregas, as per the Secret Footballer (via BBC Sport), reportedly played a fairly big role behind the scenes as the Chelsea players revolted against Jose Mourinho’s style of management – and that would suggest that the manager that is so beloved by the Chelsea faithful was fired due, in part, to Cesc Fabregas.

Again – this one is difficult to prove, but it has no doubt tainted Fabregas’ relationship with the Chelsea fans.

What is more difficult to deny is that during the pinnacle of Mourinho’s troubles at Chelsea – Fabregas was nowhere to be seen. The Spaniard had a huge dip in form stretching through the entirety of Mourinho’s final few months in charge – and that played a very big role in Chelsea’s poor form.

After all, in the season before, Fabregas was a key reason as to why the Blues were so dominant.

Whether the reports surrounding his proposed revolt remain inconclusive; his poor form certainly is not.

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