Date: 19th March 2015 at 8:39pm
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After becoming embroiled in a war of words with Sky Sports pundits Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher recently, Jose Mourinho clearly isn’t short of a few enemies at the moment.

But the Chelsea manager seems to have acquired a surprising new foe in the form of Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen, who admitted that he “loathes” the Portuguese coach.

Mortensen – a Real Madrid fan – says that he still harbours feelings of animosity toward Mourinho for his turbulent spell in charge at the Santiago Bernabeu.

And the 56-year-old American also revealed how delighted he was to see Paris Saint-Germain send the Blues crashing out of the Champions League last week.

In an interview with Grantland, Mortensen, who plays Aragorn in the hugely-successful Lord of the Rings franchise, put Mourinho to the sword in brutal fashion.

“Well, there’s a real character whom I loathe but find entertaining — José Mourinho, the coach of Chelsea. I like Real Madrid, and when Mourinho coached them, he basically destroyed the team psychologically. The damage he did to the fan base and the whole structure of the club will last for a while.

“He was playing a match two days ago in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain. It was the return match, and Chelsea had the advantage of an away goal in their first match, and it was unlikely that things were going to go well for Paris.

“Then partway through the first half, Paris unfairly had a player thrown out. So they were playing 10 against 11. Chelsea should have creamed them. But it ended up being an epic 120 minutes, with comeback after comeback, and even though Paris was playing with a numerical disadvantage, they kept playing really beautiful, pure football, and Chelsea was just playing not to lose.

“In the last minutes of regulation time, Paris tied it up, and in the last minutes of extra time, they tied it again. Since they had two away goals compared to the one away goal Chelsea had, Paris went through. It was great, dramatic. It was almost like watching a movie.”


9 responses to “Lord of the Rings star SLAMS ‘loathsome’ Jose Mourinho”


    The season of Mourinho bashing will never end. I won’t blame you writers though, because people tend to make themselves happy by finding someone to use as a punching bag. I am not saying that Jose does not have his faults. All of us do. And that is why counting another man’s sins does not make one a Saint. There is a major problem that requires our collective attention, the BPL is going down fast and we need solutions. I watched Everton (the last English team standing) dished tonight. What are we going to do to bring the quality up? My advice is that we all stop chasing the rats in the house ( Chelsae and Mourinho) and find a way to quench the fire that is currently burning the house (BPL).

  2. dave says:

    Not to be taken seriously, He probally does’nt even know what offside is.

  3. sir sam says:

    at 52…and an actor… turn José mourinho’ story into script.. find actors and actresses… get to the box office and see how much its gonna fetch u…YOU MAY HATE HIM BUT JOSÉ REMAINS A SUCCESS…

  4. Thespis Michael says:

    Jose Mourinho is even more popular than you. He has done what you can’t do.. If you give him a script, he can act. But you can’t coach a team. so you can say whatsoever you like. Jose Mourinho is the “special one” you can loathe him all you like. JOBLESS MAN!

  5. Bolo Dipo says:

    “Aragorn”? How many pple knows his real name? Dats’ how low he is in d movie world. Let’s see what ur Madrid will achieve dis season. Dey’ve lost more dan Chelsea dis season and dey re stil trailing agnst a strong Barca.
    Mourinho is by far in a higher class compared to this dude. As much as I loved his character in Lord of The Rings, he played a character anyone else could have played. Mourinho acts and reads his lines everyday without rehearsals…

  6. David Banks says:

    Haters will always hate….We blues always two steps above others.
    To the matter @ hand,I did like the FA to pls give the teams winter break,its really telling on teams most especially the top teams with this financial fair play not making the bigger teams av more qualities to go all the way.#MouRemainsSpecial

  7. Ben says:

    You true blues made me proud with some of your comments. Chelsea remains chelsea, love or hate us, we stick together. As for your Real Madrid, before Jose came, you were been humiliated by Barca and Atletico, he came and gave your team a competing edge and after he’s left the team has gone back to playing second fiddle as usual. Best of luck in your remaining upcoming fixtures, let’s see how far the team goes. As for Mourihno, he remains our special one.

  8. fadzel says:

    In my eyes Mourinho is the greatest football manager the world has ever seen. He has broken the hegemony of United in the Premier league as well as setting a record for being the Premier league champion with the highest points of 90. In Spain he also set the record of having the highest points and highest number of goals as La Liga title winners.

    As UCL winners for two different clubs it will be before long that he will become the only person to win UCL with three different clubs.

    He is smart, charismatic, compelling and good-looking. These are the attributes of a superstar manager.

    And above everything else I like him as someone who values his family life a lot.

  9. Didiugwu kelsey says:

    The more they hate us the more we succeed. #therewillbehaters