Date: 18th December 2014 at 12:54pm
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Here are some stats that may have you questioning why Chelsea decided to sell Juan Mata.
It may come as a surprise but Mata’s productivity since joining Manchester United has actually exceeded Chelsea golden boy Eden Hazard in the same spell.
Opta powered fantasy football game have collated each of the player’s Premier League stats since Mata’s £37.1m transfer in January from Chelsea to Manchester United and they make for some interesting reading.
 On a per minute basis Mata betters Hazard for goals and assists. For every 158 minutes that it has taken Eden Hazard to either score a goal or provide an assist in the Premier League since Mata’s move, it has taken Juan Mata 21 minutes less to do the same, scoring a goal or making an assist every 137 minutes.
Hazard is regularly talked of one of the world’s best, whereas Mata was surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge regardless of being named Player of the Year at the club in both 2011/12 and 2012/13.
The stats suggest that the little Spaniard is proving to be a good signing by the ex-Manchester United manager David Moyes and is becoming a big part of the revival at Old Trafford.

9 responses to “Mourinho’s biggest mistake? Juan Mata is outperforming Eden Hazard”

  1. Brett Cox says:

    You missed out goals conceded in your stat analysis: Mata doesn’t have the physical aspects to be able to press particularly effectively.

  2. hiyiola tajudeen says:

    1 luv 2 all man utd fans worldwide. wishig u all happy xmass & new year in advance…………….

  3. Murphy says:


  4. kolawole abiodun dopemu says:

    is not true azzard is beter than mata

  5. Pete Borota (@Peteborota) says:

    what you fail to mention is that without mata’s money we do not purchase Matic, who is the back bone of our side.

    Mata was a wonderful player but both clubs prospered from the sale. Chelsea I dare to say got the better deal with balanced side.

  6. Williams says:

    Really surprising! Mata is an unsung hero

  7. promise says:

    the both are good but harzard in time scoring goal

  8. John - Chelsea 4eva says:

    its very sad when one reads the comments made by people (especially Chelsea fans) regarding Mata.regardless of the fact that he lacks certain things; that prevented him staying at Chelsea, the truth remains he WAS an awesome player for Chelsea.scoring some crucial goals and creating assists for his fellow players.I just wonder what will happen if Hazzard’s form drops?!

  9. pame says:

    got 10 goals in 10 match but lost 5 match, no point. its all about how to play a player with his sets of skills. maybe mourinho play hazard just to make space for others, when he do that, you can see willian cut through then fabregas got the ball from hazard, make a low pass then BAM! chelsea 1-0 already.