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There has been a never ending debate over the course of the ongoing season comparing the first 2004 Mourinho side and the current one. Some say the current one is higher in quality while others have been clear to point out that they have won nothing yet to prove it.

Titles and cups aside. How would that 2004 team fair against the current one?

GK. Cech/Courtois

I still feel it was unfair to bench our beloved Petr. Yes, he needed competition but not like this. Petr has been a Chelsea mainstay prior to the return of Thibaut from loan. At 32 years of age, he is still raw and young for a goalkeeper . The last thing I want is to see him leave. This is a bloke who has a record for keeping cleansheets. Courtois is doing well enough but lets judge him after a decade. Cech wins.

LB. Bridge/Azpilicueta
I will never forget that goal that propelled us to the semis of the Champions League 2003/04 at Highbury. But that was before The Special One took the reigns. An ankle injury against Newcastle meant playing time was limited by the time he was back to full fitness. Chelsea had already signed Del Horno, and Bridge faced a challenge to get back into the team. ‘Dave’ on the other hand has been more consistent. He is better at defending, but this is not to undermine Wayne, who was better at attacking and crossing. However, Mourinho’s teams have been built around a good defending template, thats why Azpilicueta edges this one.

CB. Carvalho/Cahill
That Carvalho brawl with CR7, who can forget that one. Carvalho formed the best partnership that the premier league has ever seen. Conceding a mere 15 league gols all season and loosing just one game against a poor Man City. Cahill on the hand has met an aging Terry which means we do not look as solid as we were with Carvalho. Carvalho takes this one.

CB. Terry/ undisputed
Captain Fantastic wins undisputedly. Keep going mate.

RB. P. Ferreira/Ivanovic
A loyal and hardworking servant Ferreira was. I still miss him. A cult hero. I wish you all the best in your life, wherever you are. Ferreira started of well at the beginning of the 2004/05. At that time he was even been regarded as the best fullback. An injury at end of that season started to limit his playing time. By the time he would return he would loose his position to Boulahrouz, Geremi and Diarra. Consistency is a major factor to Mou’s team and thats why Ivanovic wins.

LW. Robben/Hazard
There are similarities between this two. They both joined us at a very young age, one from from Feynoord and another from Lille respectively. They both have immense talent and natural ability. Robben was prone to injuries unlike Hazard. At one time, he was being refered as a man made of glass due to his never ending injuries. He has only developed to a world class talent at his time at Munchen. Hazard, under Mourinho , is quickly developing into the player we rely on most to drive
our attacking play forward and unlock the opponents defence with skill and trickery. He has been a more consistent Chelsea player than Robben was that year. Hazard takes the victory.

CM. Lampard/Fabregas
Fabregas is a more talented player Cesc has a huge array of
skills and abilities and his knack for delivering the perfect final pass has been key to our fine goal scoring start to the season. However Lampard is a Chelsea legend (despite the Man City goal) , and even in 04/05 he was the key driving force to our success. Lampard wins.

CM. Essien/Oscar

Back then, in 2004, we used a 4-3-3 formation not alike the one we use nowadays more frequently, 4-2-3-1. If Oscar was in that 2004 side he would have been lined up in a 4-3-3, and honestly he would have faired even better unlike the trequartista role he plays these days. Because, lets face it, Mourinho plays him there due to his work rate and ability to track back mostly, that’s why Mata turns out for Man Utd, uuurgh! Mata is a better playmaker than he in that sector. Oscar playing in a 4-3-3 formation, he would still be devastating. The Bison was also a tough tackling box to box midfielder. That’s why he earned than nickname, isn’t it. He was versatile; he could play as a midfielder as well as a defender. Going down memory lane, two Essien moments spring to mind; that unbelievable thunderbolt against Arsenal at the Bridge and the skinning he got from Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2008 UCL final. Awful moment it is. Back to present. An injury-free Essien was, without doubt, the most devastating midfielder in the Premier League. Oscar dos Santos Emboaba, at 23, is still burgeoning and his best days lie ahead. One can only imagine what he will be like when he finally hits his peak. But until then Essien is my pick for now.
CDM. Makelele/Matic
Can you compare this two defensive midfielders. Absolutely no way. Matic is great, holds the ball perfectly, sprays it exquisitly, but he is no much to a player who has a position named after him-The Makelele role. Makelele is the best defensive midfielder to have ever graced that position. Remember thet goal against Spurs? Makelele takes this one no doubt.

RW. Duff/Willian
The darling of Mourinho up against Willian. Willian has mesmerised us with his running and workrate but it has not done much to help the team. He is an exeptional player but he still needs to work on his finishing and his final ball. Duff on the other hand was direct much like him but was more consistent. Damien Duff wins. 

ST. Drogba/Costa
The Guvnor has yet to prove his worth over the course of a gruelling PL season. While Drogba took time to adapt, Costa has hit the ground running. Drogba was a beast during his hey days. He scored some marvelous goals especially in finals. He was a thorn and a nightmare against a particular team from North London. Lets hope Costa continues that feat. Drogba wins this one.


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