Date: 3rd December 2013 at 6:00pm
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There has been an ongoing spat between Jose Mourinho and on-loan Everton forward Romelu Lukaku which is being played out through the media and the Chelsea manager had a few more words to say about the Belgian youngster today.

This to-and-fro has been going on over the past week as Mourinho has evidently grown tired over Lukaku’s digs at his parent club and challenged the player to tell the truth about why he is not at Stamford Bridge this season.

Lukaku has since gone on to claim that he may decide to stay on at Goodison Park for a further season – especially if Roberto Martinez’s side make the Champions League – but Mourinho has hit back at the 20-year-old by saying that the decision will be his to make, not Lukaku’s.

When asked about Lukaku’s latest statement at today’s press conference, Mourinho responded:

“Maybe there is a new rule in football where when the season finishes every player is able to decide their own future.”


The Portuguese said this in a jokingly manner to the amusement of the reporters present but it was a clear indication of who the boss is as it was a fairly dismissive retort to Lukaku’s words.

It is hard to tell where things will end up or if Lukaku will take on his manager in the public eye and continue to upset the club by blabbing to the press at any given opportunity, it demonstrates his immaturity but is it something Mourinho will work on or punish him for.

Lukaku could be talking himself all the way to the exit doors as Mourinho has already made him look like a liar when he told the media that it was the Belgian’s decision to leave West London. Many are questioning whether or not the two will be able to work together but this will all easily be forgotten if Lukaku sticks to doing his talking on the pitch alone.

When he isn’t talking rubbish Lukaku is scoring goals and already has eight of them in the Premier League so far this season.


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