Date: 19th November 2013 at 6:00pm
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Paris Saint-Germain are ready to offer a whopping £40 million for Chelsea playmaker Juan Mata in the next transfer window according to reports in France.

Le 10 Sport claim that PSG already went close to signing him in the summer after sensing that Jose Mourinho wasn’t as keen on the Spaniard as he ought to be and are planning on returning with an improved offer in January.

Mata has struggled to get a consistent run of games this season which has baffled many fans, pundits and football journalists. We’ve heard plenty of duff arguments about him ‘not working’ off the ball, things that I’ve never heard before from people that are saying it all of a sudden in order to justify his omission.

In my opinion a playmaker is there to create chances (clue is in the name) and there isn’t anyone aside from maybe Eden Hazard that is as creative as Mata in the squad, so it’s questionable why one is so bothered about his defensive attributes, especially when the same two players are persistently picked in the middle of the park despite repeatedly failing to pull their weight by protecting their defence well enough.

I would be gutted to see Mata leave the club and I don’t think Roman Abramovich would be particularly happy to part company with a player that is a joy to watch but looking at the fee you may also think ‘why not accept the cash seeing as the guy won’t play?’ which is also a justifiable point of view.

What I cannot stomach is the fact so many fans have turned against a player and I’ve seen people go so far as to slag him off in order to justify the opinion of one man against many, it’s a little fickle for my liking. Jose Mourinho is a clever man, has to be respected and it’s always a good idea to back your coach but that doesn’t mean he’s always right and we’ve witnessed him making mistakes before, especially at Real Madrid when he started making enemies within his own club and lost control of the dressing room.

Do you think Mourinho is right to ostracise Mata and would you take £40m for him? All points of view are welcome

Source: International Business Times


6 responses to “PSG planning £40m bid for Blues star”

  1. wos da yank says:

    Thank god someone finally has the sense to say it. Nice article. I said back on august 4th that mata would be marginalized by jose…that he wouldn’t play in big games like at old trafford. The jose apologist blasted me (banned me from a chelsea forumn for it). They said no way jose wouldn’t use his best player. Now that my point has been proven correct I’m shocked that these same fans are now turning on mata and blaming him. Its clear that they ve drank the punch. Jose is god to them. I hooe just hope they realize that in the end we will have seen some of our best players ran out of the club simply because of jose ego. He will leave this club divided from the squad, the staff and the fans. He will leave us with an unfinished project. With a defensive style of play that’s horrible to watch. History proves that. Nothing about jose has changed. Roman will grow tired of it. The bridge will grow tired of it. You can already hear the boos. You can hear the silence as well…as the crowd sits there bored as can be.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Thanks mate.

      I’m not entirely sure what has happened to him but the experience at Real Madrid has definitely done something, I think. That isn’t to say things won’t change but there was a fair few people predicting that it would all end in tears before it even happened.

      We shall see what the future holds. I’d like to see him change a few things and do well.

  2. True Blue says:

    Thank you for the honest article. This team was made to attack but Mou has made them so boring. I can’t think of the last time Chelsea played dominating fluid attacking football this season, against Hull?? It will be a loss for Chelsea and the PL if Mata leaves.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Big loss. I’m a big fan of his because he reminds of the sort of exciting football we used to play in the late 90s with the likes of Zola.

  3. C Pro says:

    We know Mata was Chelsea’s top player the past two seasons and one of the EPL’s top players last season. Nothing over the off season changed those facts. Mourinho has it wrong here and the lack of fluid offense shows as Chelsea continue to give away the first 45 mins with stagnant play. Either play Mata or sell him in January. Don’t ruin his WC chance with Spain.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      It’s a really tricky situation. I hope he stays and as someone said above, you know how quickly Abramovich can get fed up and the likes of David Luiz & Juan Mata are players he’s allegedly fond of, yet they’re both linked with the exit doors.