Date:8th October 2013 at 3:01pm
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Romelu Lukaku is out to prove a point and is hoping to score as many goals as possible whilst on loan at Everton this season in an attempt to prove a point – great news!

However, during a time when fans, pundits and the media are questioning Jose Mourinho’s decision to allow the Belgian forward go out on loan Lukaku keeps having little digs at his parent club.

He told Nieuwsblad:

“I hope my goals will help Everton finish higher than Chelsea. I am at Everton for the season, and I want to do as well as I possibly can for them.”

And added:

“I also hope Jose Mourinho and I are both at Chelsea for a long time, because I want the best for Chelsea and I know he is a good coach.”

Now, if you read the full transcript you get where the youngster is coming from, but which quote do you think will be banded around by the British media? The same lads that have already told us that Mourinho stormed out of a press conference in a huff over a question about Kevin De Bruyne even though he asked if that was the last question before leaving.

Lukaku ought to be using a bit more common sense than he has done in relation to the way he handles the media. It’s bad enough certain members of the press are using any excuse to criticise the manager without one of our own providing a stick to beat him with. He should know better and I’ve seen fans trying to use his age as an excuse but he’s 20, an adult, not a child.

The fans were on his side and have been even after a number of suspect comments through the press so there is no real need to wind them up any farther, just stick to doing your job and be a little bit more mature about it. He’s started his Everton season well and needs to do the talking on the pitch rather than off it.

There’s only one man that he needs to convince if he wants to make it at Chelsea and I don’t believe anything Lukaku says in the media will interest or sway Mourinho’s views.

Source: Daily Mail