Date: 23rd August 2013 at 12:55pm
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Jose Mourinho

At Jose Mourinho’s press conference today confirmed Chelsea’s plans to sign long-term target Willian and put fears over Juan Mata’s future to bed.

When Sky Sports News reported that the Blues made a late move for the Anzhi player yesterday the media was rife with speculation and differing transfer theories.

Although nobody really believed it there was a nagging worry in the back of the minds of Chelsea fans that Mata may be the one to make way should Willian sign and be used in exchange for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, it seems that is not the case.

Mourinho told the media:

“Willian is a big target, that’s for sure.

“I couldn’t say much in the previous press conference. I had to try to hide a few things.

“You never close the door to the possibility of adding more quality to your squad.”

And on Mata’s future, he added:

“He is a player we all like, a player we all want to keep. We want more quality, not less quality.”

Mourinho went on to say that he prefers smaller squads and wants 22 senior players whilst given a few youngsters the chance to train and play with the first team, so arrives would mean departures but hinted that we may loan out rather than sell.

He also said that Willian had already made his choice between Chelsea and Tottenham whilst implying the winger has chosen his side, but didn’t confirm that the player will sign although media reports earlier suggested that this could all be confirmed at some point today.

If players are being loaned out rather than sold and Willian will arrive with a forward then Victor Moses and Demba Ba are the players most likely to be loaned out, in my opinion.

Chelsea already have an abundance of attacking midfielders/wingers in the squad with Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Oscar, Kevin De Bruyne, Andre Schurrle and Moses. Early signs suggest that Oscar is a favourite of the manager, he wants to keep Mata and believes Hazard can become one of the best, whilst Kevin De Bruyne had a good debut and probably doesn’t expect to start the majority of the games, but I’m not sure Schurrle will be best pleased by Willian’s potential arrival.


10 responses to “Mourinho: Tottenham targets prefers Chelsea, Mata going nowhere”

  1. Jimmy says:

    30m on a squad player we simply don’t need! Senseless signing that will ruin the development of the boy Moses and co :/

    When will we learn !

    • Anthony Williams says:

      I think it would demote Schurrle to ‘squad player’ in honesty. I reckon had Willian been available at the beginning of the summer then we wouldn’t have bothered with Schurrle.

  2. BornAsTheKing says:

    The “”Special one is fast becoming, the Annoying one.

  3. Olly says:

    In a world cup year Chelsea are to sign another of Spurs targets (Oscar last year) into an already well over packed attacking midfield?!?! This will mean even less time on the pitch for Hazard, Willian, Oscar, Mata, Kevin De Bruyne, Andre Schurrle, Ramires and Moses as they are all competing for the same 3 spots in midfield. And here was I thinking they needed a striker, if I was AVB I wound never speak to my “pal” Willian again if he does sign for Chelsea.
    I also here the Bale deal is off until his replacements are signed, would love it if he had to stay now and we went ahead for Lamela.

  4. Mata10 says:

    couldn’t agree more.

    with ffp coming in we need to be wise with our dosh, which I thought we were starting to be!

    this is totally pointless especially at 35m for goodness sake.

  5. emmy osuji says:

    Chelsea does not need Willian. We just need a striker. We should learn to give our upcoming players like Moses n Lukaku a chance. Jose n Roman b wise!

  6. Jose mourinho says:

    All these comments I tag ‘rant’. U wanna crucify mourinho? Really???
    I never stop to wonder how some fans folks follow sports news nd rumur. The fact is willian have been on chelseas’ radar while Jose was away and so was schurrle. This morning I gathered that Roman gave a call to anzhi owner over the acquisition of willian and offered a better fee. So its pointless to overemphasize that it was the wish of Roman that was done not that of mourinho. But then I dont see any thing wrong with that as long one attacker Is sent on loan, (mayb Moses) Hazard on the left and willian on the right with either Oscar or mata in the middle will definitely give us more direct assault on any opponent with schurrle nd KDB as strong backup options. Mehn with this team, we have weight nd balance. At de middle of the season wen fatigue nd injury becomes inevitable for teams, we will be smiling. remember the size of our team almost cost us champions league last season when RAFA complained no Dept in team size (no bench)
    Hate it or leave it, a striker is still coming nd one going the other way.
    I love chelseafc, though this action might not be the very best, but its justifiable and u can take that to the bank.

    • Mata10 says:

      that’s just it JM its not justifiable at all, in fact its really quite ridiculous. much in the same way was signing that keeper and sending him on loan year after year.

      we need to get smarter or risk mistakes we cant afford anymore with ffp.

      the football economic climate allowed in football is changing – wise up or we face real consequences.

  7. obi says:

    I have to trust Jose knows what he’s doing,I am glad Mata is staying and if we sign Willian,time will show why.

    • Jose Williams says:

      Nice talk obi.
      Lamenting nd complaining will never be a solution. Be happy and support chelseafc QED. After all Jose doesn’t give a shit about what u say in here bcos he sees it not. The only person ur complaining to is Anthony Williams and urself period