Date: 7th August 2013 at 2:00pm
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There was several reports from various media sources yesterday that a number of senior Manchester United players have been angered by Wayne Rooney’s pleas to leave Old Trafford.

Both the Independent and Daily Star believe that Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra are particularly upset by Rooney’s behaviour and that their own calls for him to stay at Manchester United are being ignored.

David Moyes and the club are now facing a dilemma. If they maintain their stance over the forward’s future and play him against his will then they run the risk of letting dressing room unrest grow and they’ll face the same rumours again in January, and again next summer. He has two years on his deal and is one of the highest paid players in the league, it may not be worth letting that run down or wait before selling him for less.

But neither do the Red Devils want to sell him to Chelsea as it will be billed as a victory for the West London club and an early show of Jose Mourinho dominance over Moyes initially…it may well be viewed as a victory for United in the long-term if Rooney has as bad a start as Fernando Torres did when he made the switch from Liverpool to Stamford Bridge.

I’ve already said my bit on Rooney and have given reasons for my reservations over his signing previously, but whether or not I think it’s a good idea doesn’t matter if Chelsea are really keen on him so I’d have to hope for the best (as we all will as supporters, of course) if it does and despite my initial thoughts I can understand why Mourinho would be keen on him.

Rooney did not travel to Sweden to play AIK Stockholm in the 1-1 draw because of a convenient shoulder injury that followed another convenient hamstring injury that kept him out of action in Asia earlier in the summer, so he hasn’t had to face the music in front of the fans yet but may feel their wrath if he features in Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial on Friday.

Mourinho will definitely be enjoying the drama and not only has Moyes failed to make a significant signing early in his Manchester United career but he’s also suffering the fallout between Rooney and the club, and he has his predecessor to thank for that as he angered the player by publicly claiming that the 27-year-old had officially requested to leave at the end of last season.

Don’t expect any movement to be made soon, but the way things are going Rooney could be making a move to Stamford Bridge some time after our match away at Old Trafford and September 2nd. There’s no interest on the continent for him so selling to us may be United’s only option unless there’s late movement from Arsenal.

Source: Independent / Daily Star


4 responses to “Have Rooney’s team-mates turned against him?”

  1. nerry says:

    I want him to join D?????. Blues bcos of moyes dey are not I good tyms…..4rm eveton

  2. Godwin Obinna Ikwuakom says:

    Allow him to go

  3. Not a JCL says:

    If Rooney wants to go to a BIG club to further his career, then so be it. What’s the point in holding on to him. LET THE MAN GO FFS! Utd are washed up now that Rooney’s [Ferguson] has now left! UTC!!

  4. victor says:

    even if v don’t sign rooney v will win the premier league..