Date: 31st July 2013 at 2:00pm
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Despite constant denials from both player and club David Luiz has been continuously linked with a move away from Chelsea this summer, but Pep Guardiola says the Brazilian won’t be coming to Munich.

Bayern Munich were the latest club said to have an interest in the defender and some reports claimed that the European champions would be willing to part with as much as £40 million to sign him.

The Bundesliga club’s coach Guardiola has quashed the reports:

“David Luiz will not be coming to Munich.

“I have four, five central defenders who I am very pleased with.”

He says that the loss against Dortmund at the weekend changes nothing in that regard.

“There are no excuses for that defeat. We have seen how hard it is to win all the time. We didn’t have Franck [Ribéry] and he is a very important player for us. It hurt us that he could not play.”


This isn’t a huge surprise as Guardiola had already said that the signing of Thiago Alcantara was his one and only request to the board in terms of purchases, so is someone using the media to play games in relation to Luiz’s future?

It could just be tabloids making things up for the sake of shifting units or getting internet hits. It’s also possible that they have been fed misinformation, we’ve seen this already this summer when someone (Manchester United) told the press that Chelsea offered either Juan Mata or David Luiz plus cash for Wayne Rooney, as the clubs went toe-to-toe in a PR war. Thankfully that has calmed down and any talks between the club will probably remain private and respectful from now on, hence the silence.

Barcelona are a club that may genuinely want to sign Luiz and they’re also the type that would use the media to unsettle a player, but they don’t have the money to take him off Chelsea’s hands and are fighting a losing battle if that’s their aim.

Source: Guardian


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