Date: 2nd July 2013 at 12:22pm
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CavaniChelsea have made an approach for Napoli star Edinson Cavani, according to reports today.

This is what Sky sources understand. These particular sources seem a little bit bolder than the ones that said David Moyes will speak to Wayne Rooney about his plans for the player yesterday…somehow this was regarded as headline news.

Anyway, the Uruguay and Napoli forward has been linked with a Serie A exit for a while now with Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City deemed to be the most likely destinations for the player.

Napoli previously stated that Manchester City were the only club to make an official approach for the player despite the constant media reports of bids being rejected here and there from other clubs, including the Blues.

City have already baulked at the £54 million price tag (perhaps they do have some sense after all) and Sky also report that Chelsea are ‘also loathe’ to meet what is a ridiculous release fee for a player that won’t have much of a resale value and I’d be surprised if any club would actually meet it. Surely Napoli realise this and if any deal is to happen then compromise must be made.

It’s understood that Cavani’s representatives, obviously worried that his club will spoil his chances, will meet with Napoli officials to discuss exactly that and talks over his asking price will take place this week.

Cavani stressed the urgency of the situation during the recent Confederations Cup and said he wants to speak with the club’s president as soon as he can.

He said:

“I want to talk as soon as possible with president De Laurentiis.

“We must clear this (situation up) ourselves. I’ll talk with him, as it’s done between men, really soon.

“Right now, I’m at Napoli and I’m very proud to be there. If I leave one day, I’ll be ready to move to a bigger club. We’ll see.”

(Sky Sports)

He’s a top player but it would be foolish of Chelsea to be held to ransom by an outfit like Napoli.

Source: Sky Sports


6 responses to “Chelsea approach Napoli for Cavani but are unlikely to meet his buyout fee”

  1. John says:

    When Cavani says “top club” he does not mean Chelsea which has no history before the last ten years, and which is managed by a guy who failed miserably at Real Madrid. And an “outfit” like Naples was the home of Maradonna, finished 2nd in the Italian League last year and under Benitez will clean Chelsea’s clock if they meet in the Championships League next season. Cavana is the No 1 star in Naples in a city with one major league team and where the supporters are dedicated and knowledgeable. Why change that to play in front of the Chelsea “plastics”? There are things more important than Russian roubles.

  2. Angelo says:

    Bet you’re a Liverpool supporter John.

  3. David says:

    John i am sensing a lot of hatred there! Hate the whole “history” banter. EVERY team has history that runs through a club. Just because some teams history aren’t as glorious or as famous as others, it doesn’t make it any less significant.

    I would say Cavani wants out of Serie A to try his talents elsewhere and face new challanges in his career and to accomplish greater things. So i am sure he will not move JUST for the money but wherever he ends up he will earn big bucks and hopefully some silverware and medals!

  4. steve says:

    Naturally a liverpool fan, another eaten up with jealousy and resentment now that they are a mid table run of the mill club. As much as they were pre shankly, when they rotted in the old 2nd div for a number of years, is that the history you mean?