Date:19th July 2013 at 2:59pm
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MataInLondonDuring this transfer window our London rivals Arsenal have successfully linked themselves to some of Europe’s top talent without looking close to signing a single one of them and this time it’s Juan Mata who is in their dreams.

The Daily Mail reported the rumour and mentioned that the North London club are keeping an eye on Mata’s situation at Stamford Bridge as his future has come under scrutiny. But he’s not for sale, Jose Mourinho has said so and the only reason his future has been called into question is because the press seem hell-bent on unsettling the Spaniard.

It started with publications like Marca and AS, who were obviously lobbying for one of the Spanish giants to sign Mata but have probably sensed that it’s a no-go and have backed off for now.

The British press picked up on their rumours and have taken them to their own ridiculous proportions with the silliest rumour of silly season being the one in which Mata or David Luiz were being offered in exchange for Wayne Rooney with £10 million being thrown in for good measure despite the fact the aforementioned are worth more than the unhappy Manchester United striker – it’s been said that this came from United themselves during a press briefing in Sydney.

I’m not sure even the Arsenal fans believe that the club will spend significant sums of cash in order to make them a force again, they’re just threatening to spend money like they always do. I don’t believe Chelsea want to force Mata out of the club but even if they did I’m sure he’d have better offers on the table than going to a club that haven’t one anything in eight years.

It’s an amusing rumour and seems as though a lot of people on Twitter have been having a good laugh. I expect Mata will sign a new deal on improved terms at Chelsea either before or early into the coming season.

Source: Daily Mail