Date: 31st July 2013 at 12:59pm
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Chelsea are ready to make a second attempt to sign Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and may be willing to offer as much as £40 million.

This is according to the Evening Standard who say that the Blues will up their offer after the initial £21-27m (depending on which report you’ve read).

From 20-odd million to £40m is quite a leap and Standard Sport claim that the need to land their top target is the reason why Chelsea’s second bid will have to be much higher, but that seems an awful lot like jumping the gun to me.

Manchester United have maintained their stance that the player is not for sale and will keep saying so as they attempt to manage the expectations of the fans. Even if they were going to part company they’ll want to get the fans on their side and can do this by landing a few of their own targets first.

Seeing as Chelsea play the Red Devils in their first away fixture of the season they may not want the player to make the switch before that game.

The two clubs had previously been trading blows in a PR campaign with claims and counter claims but all that seems to have died down now which makes negotiations more likely to progress and I believe that United will sell at the right time if they receive a fee that’s agreeable, but £40m? That’s way too much.

I doubt there’s as desperate a need to sign him as the Evening Standard are making out with the outlandish claims of a £40 million bid (we’ve been here before with Fernando Torres) and the squad is good enough to compete as it is. We’re yet to see what Jose Mourinho can do with Torres whilst Romelu Lukaku represents a bright prospect and has earned the right to fair playing time.

Source: Evening Standard


9 responses to “Reported £40m bid would be far too much for Rooney”

  1. Alastair says:

    With him we win the league without him I doubt it (look at last season), so £40m seems fair.

    • Gazm says:

      So much rubbish about rooney – he’s like a dodgy firework – occasionally spectacular but too often a damp squib!

  2. essigreb says:

    If Torres could go for 50, Rooney should at least cost them 60 – even if not putting Torres` form into the picture

    • Anthony Williams says:

      No player over 24 is worth more than £30m unless you’re Ronaldo or Messi.

  3. Adam Weidenfeller says:

    He’s worth at least 40 if bale is going for 80 & andy Carroll went for £35mill – a swap deal would be nice 20 mill & mata in return 🙂

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Bale isn’t worth that and if Real Madrid want to be stupid with their money it’s their prerogative, not ours. Rooney is not worth £40m.

  4. malisco says:

    Rooney is worth more than 60 I think 70 may make manchester united change their mind except they dnt want to sell him

  5. mozzibest says:

    All olodos! Greedy! He is only worth 24m. Wether man u sell or not, nothing for them this season! Up chelsea..