Date: 10th June 2013 at 2:04pm
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JoseMourinhoHappyOneJose Mourinho proclaimed himself as the ‘Happy One’ in front of the broadcast media today and believes he’s at the right point in his career to provide stability, which is what every Chelsea fan wanted to hear.

The 50-year-old’s spectacular return to Stamford Bridge was confirmed last week but was unveiled in front of the press officially today. He said that he’s a calmer man than the one that arrived in 2004 and says that he is now a better manager following his experiences since leaving the Blues in 2007.

“I am the happy one.”

He continued:

“Calmer? I believe so. I’m in the best moment of my career in terms of knowledge.

“I am where I want to be – I wouldn’t change it for anything,” added the former Porto and Inter Milan manager.

“I hope I can go to the last day of the contract. If the club is happy and the club wants me to stay then I’ll be more than happy to stay.”


It is exactly the sort of things the fans, the playing squad and everyone associated wanted to hear from the man, but perhaps not what the media wanted as the same questions about him returning and his relationship with Roman Abramovich were regurgitated over and over like they were expecting a different answer if they asked often enough.

He does seem more relaxed than he did in the first press conference in 2004. He was mellow, confident and he doesn’t have to prove himself in the same way he had to before. Mourinho was also more humble, concentrating the focus on what he could do for the team, how he can help the young players improve and drumming the importance of the collective as opposed to individuals.

Mourinho was asked about the futures of Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne by a Belgian journalist and despite saying that he will give them their news before it’s offered to the press, he remarked previously that helping the club’s promising talent to progress is one of the most important parts of his job.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter many fans seemed agitated that no-one asked questions about the futures of David Luiz and Juan Mata as they were keen to end talk of their stars leaving Chelsea, but these wouldn’t typically be the sort of question the broadcast media would ask and I doubt Mourinho will have answered. The written press will probably push him a little harder for that type of information though.

Perhaps the highlight of the press conference was when he was asked about Andres Iniesta’s suggestion that Mourinho was bad for Spanish football and was damaging to their league, to which Jose responded:

“Damaged Spanish football? I damaged Spanish football by being the manager who broke Barcelona dominance.

“They dominated for so long, I hurt them.”

It’s great to have him back and it seems as though any reservations about his appointment have been dissipated in the meantime as he promises to do the best for young players and says he’s committed to a long-term project.

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  1. Felix jutum says:

    Jose is d best coach. Barca are only angry becos casilas was on bench. No coach can be compare to Jose. He is the only coach that can challenge any FA without fear. Welcome home jose. I wish u God’s favour & mercy.