Date: 25th June 2013 at 11:30pm
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Fernando-Torres-goal--1240x736Jose Mourinho begins his second spell at Stamford Bridge having to deal with a few issues that needs sorting out,  perhaps the most significant being the £50m issue known as Fernando Torres.

Torres has not lived up to his price tag since he made the move from Anfield to Stamford Bridge. Arriving at Chelsea, he was known as one of the most lethal finisher’s in the game. Many believe that the reason for Torres poor form at Chelsea is due to the beginning of his career at the Bridge, it was rumoured he was playing games for the Pensioners whilst still recovering from the injury he suffered whilst at Liverpool.

His first goal came in a 3-0 win over West Ham at the bridge, he scored the second goal and many thought that after he scored his first the goals would come easy and he’d show his form of old. This has not been the case and Torres has been very inconsistent during his time at the club and has only managed 34 goals in 131 games, only 15 of those goals have come in the Premier League in 82 league appearances.

Many fans get their hopes up when they see Torres score goals in consecutive games as they believe he may finally be ‘back’, but it’s extinguished as they see Nando fade away again for the next few months without adding to his tally. His most successful spell at in West London was last season, where he finished with 23 goals in all competitions including a goal in the Europa League final against Benfica.

Torres was prolific in the Europa League and other cup competitions but his continued failure in the Premier League remains a concern. The Spaniard racked up only 8 goals in last seasons Premier League, only 2 more than the previous one.

The 29-year-old has reassured us that he is still very keen to remain at the Chelsea and that he wants to see out the last 3 years left on his contract. He has also said that he wants to be loved by the fans like they loved Didier Drogba and he feels that he can do this by winning a Champions League for the club and by leading them to the Premier League Title. This is something that “The Special One” is more than capable of doing.

Mourinho fills his players with confidence and makes them believe that they can succeed at anything they do. Mourinho could reignite the spark that Torres has lost in the past few years and would make him believe that he can be as good as he once was.

Although this might seem irrelevant, but Torres has already scored 5 goals for Spain in two games since Mourinho was appointed and even though they were not for Chelsea, it is still a good sign and maybe the self-proclaimed “Happy One” gave him a call and let him know that he will be given another chance next season to prove to Chelsea fans that he can be a success.

I certainly believe that Torres is capable of recapturing his best form and that Mourinho is the right man to get that out of Chelsea’s number nine.


9 responses to “Is Jose the man to breath new life into Fernando Torres?”

  1. Zaki says:

    last chance for nando,a golden one.
    as a fan,no reason 2 worry coz we got a baby Drog,the great lukaku.

    • JKK says:

      Actually, there is a reason to worry, as it is all well and good having a good young player, but I don’t see us wanting to keep paying someone 175000 a week to sit on the bench. I supported him for the first two years but this is taking the piss and its time for him to go.

  2. jeffkamal says:

    I think is enough of him. We sack and replace with many managers to help him to get his form but does it work? No! I don’t want him to ruin Mourinho’s career at Chelsea like he do to King Carlo. 134 app for Chelsea just net 31 goals. What position he is? A winger? A midfielder? He is a striker damnit! Every season need a improvement. Is he think he is Lukaku? A young striker with little experience with big club? No! I see that Chelsea fans has turn to Torres fans. They don’t care if club doesn’t win trophy, they only think to make him stay. They don’t care if him affect manager and club with his performance. They said he win us Europa last season. That’s right. But he also make us lose the other title because he cannot find the net, we cannot just close our eyes, are we? Just accept the fact he is flop and we need a goal machine to make us conquer europe again. Please Chelsea fans. Enough is enough. We need Lukaku and Schurrle to lead our attack next season.

    • 'wonder' says:

      Have u seen the ‘new’ torres ,the hungry for goals torres he became good as zorres and can score more than he did at liverpool . Jose wants the best players, he has one with the torres coming from confed cup. Think more as a new signing. We all blue, its time for him to believe it

  3. tayo says:

    Am of the opinion that torres can still get his bearing @ the bridge, The special one is capable of ignited him, tha is why is the special one. So let’ give him anorher chance or else he will rust on the bench. Meanwhile, since the 2nd coming of the happy one, chelsea have gained quite number of fans. For ever CHELSEA!!!

  4. Jake says:

    I hope that was sarcasm describing Torres at the confed cup, he is scoring against awful defenses just like he did in the Europa league. He also was scoring freely at the euros however they were garbage goals at the end of games where Spain was in total command. Torres is done and he proves it in every EPL game, he can’t even score against relegation opponents.

  5. John says:

    Chelsea need a real top striker not Torres. In order to win matches you really need goals and Torres can’t do this,let’s not be deceived,whether he’ll be with Chelsea next season or not,is not important,what is important is Chelsea must get a top striker which Torres unfortunately is no more!

  6. Kel says:

    If u speak gud faith into de life of torres, I bet u, he will deliver…
    Bt if u speak evil, he cant do it….
    I guess every1 knows wat de bible said abt humans havin a ”MARPE” tongue…
    Go read yr Bible and Bless torres in faith..

  7. Arish says:

    Well last season was a tricky one, we started with 2 recognized strikers, Sturridge was injured till january and we basically played with one striker for 1st half of the season, the travelling and fatigue crept in and torres struggled from Nov till Feb, it was not until Rafa came in and rotated him with Ba that we got to see a fresher torres and hence i believe that Ba and Torres together complement each other. With Lukaku and Scurrle to be added to the strike force next season there’s no need for a news striker as it will only limit Lukaku’s playing time further and that man needs to play as he is our future. it will be easier to integrate Lukaku in a team with torres and Ba rather than Cavani.