Date: 2nd May 2013 at 1:33pm
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Jose_Mourinho-320x180Jose Mourinho had long decided to leave the Santiago Bernabeu at the end of this season and after achieving success in four different countries he now wants to settle down, according to The Sun‘s Rob Beasley.

The journalist went on to say that Mourinho felt let down by the lack of team spirit at Real Madrid and was disappointed that they valued themselves ahead of the team and perhaps even the club itself. Using an anecdote in which on-loan Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien, who invited the players to his 30th birthday party only for a few to turn up as an example of the lack of unity at Los Blancos.

Beasley also argued that the ‘Special One’ is going out on a limb in terms of negotiations as he hasn’t held much back publicly but the Portuguese manager doesn’t care and despite the fact there are a host of club’s he would consider if their was vacancies in England, there’s one club in his heart – Chelsea.

The story also suggests that Roman Abramovich is in a difficult position as what appears to be the majority of fans would be disappointed if the Russian was to opt for someone like Manuel Pellegrini over Mourinho, especially if the former Chelsea boss goes on to achieve success for another English club like Manchester City or Arsenal.

I have plenty of reservations about bringing Mourinho back and I know many others do too, I’ve read your views in the comments on articles and also your tweets, but could it be true that he wants to build something lasting like his friend Sir Alex Ferguson has done at Manchester United?

If he does come back then I think it is vital that he is in that frame of mind and I’m sure that’s exactly the sort of advice Ferguson will give him. I’d say there isn’t much work that needs to be done on the first team as we’re two or three players away from being a title challenging outfit, but it’s time for Jose to work on developing a flowing and attractive style of play that comes naturally to the players in the squad as well as committing to develop young talent that is in the squad. If a club like United can give chances to youngsters (some of them aren’t even that great) and still challenge for honours then Chelsea should seek to do something similar.

I’d like to know your thoughts about Mourinho and if you think he has it in him to build a dynasty, you can also read Beasley’s article in The Sun here


2 responses to “Would Jose return as a different man (assuming he does)?”

  1. Sir Cecil says:

    The man is a preening peacock who now has the ragged plumage of a buzzard. His atrocious, self-indulgent behavior while still under contract at Real Madrid reflects the last time he was at Chelsea and complained about not having enough eggs for his omelets. A poisonous character who would cause fresh disruption behind the scenes, as always.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      He’s the pain in Spain at the moment, so we definitely don’t want that drama here.

      However, you don’t believe there’s any chance that he will grow up?

      I have my reservations but he must realise that with managers likes Guardiola and Klopp on the scene that he isn’t the most sought after manager around any longer and can’t go from place-to-place getting things his own way.