Date: 21st May 2013 at 3:00pm
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Jose MOurinhoJose Mourinho is widely tipped to return to Chelsea and it looks even more likely now that he’s arranged a mutual termination of his employment with current employers Real Madrid.

Journalists, pundits, footballers and managers alike are all predicting that he will be successful in a successful spell, just as he was in his first, but will it be different? Does it have to be?

The Sun‘s Rob Beasley believes that Mourinho is already working on his blueprint for next season and says that the emphasis this time around will be on developing the club’s own exciting talent, which we have in abundance at the moment but don’t seem to know what to do with them.

Beasley says that a new big-name forward will be the main exception as the Blues still plan to invest over the summer to plug a few of the gaping holes in the squad that plagued us over the past season. But the long-term objective for Mourinho is to emulate his friend Sir Alex Ferguson and attempt to build a dynasty.

Naturally everyone that knows anything about Mourinho’s career to date will have their doubts as he’s hopped from club to club winning as much silverware as he can in two or three years before moving on again. He doesn’t exactly have a great history when it comes to developing young players.

However, in fairness to him, he hasn’t stayed anywhere long enough to do this as he made it quite clear that he wanted to make history and has done so by winning titles in four different countries and the Champions League with two different clubs. He could yet win the Champions League with a third different team and not winning it for Chelsea will have stuck in his craw.

During his first tenure at Stamford Bridge he didn’t exactly have the quality in the youth ranks to bring through into the first team set-up and the academy is only recently starting to develop talent that is of the sufficient quality to play for a club like Chelsea. We now have the likes of Nathan Ake and Islam Feruz represent how far we have come from the days of Anthony Grant and Michael Woods.

Intending to do something isn’t the same as doing it and Mourinho definitely has a lot to prove when it comes to this aspect of football coaching. Beasley doesn’t have any quotes or sources to back the story up other than the fact he does speak with Mourinho, who is friendly with the British press, quite a bit and it is refreshing to hear that youth is the way forward as far as Chelsea are concerned (assuming it is true).

Source: The Sun


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