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Jose Mourinho ITV SportDespite the fact it was their biggest and most important interview of the year ITV made a big blunder last night when they cut Jose Mourinho short during a post-match interview, but there was enough time for him to imply that he is heading back to England, where he’s loved.

The TV channel was heavily criticised as they stopped Mourinho in his tracks during his revelation in favour of a four-minute advert break ahead of the news.

ITV reporter Gabriel Clarke asked Mourinho if he fancied his chances in next season’s competition with Real Madrid, he replied:

“Maybe not… I want to be where people love me.”

Clarke then said:

“We’ll take that as England, we’ve got to go.”

(ITV Sport)

In their defence ITV would say that it was important to get the news on at the correct time but their advert-clogged coverage has long been criticised and I think Clarke just bottled it, why couldn’t he have continued with the interview off-air and it be shown on the news or published on the website? He was onto an exclusive in which Mourinho more or less admitted he was leaving the Spanish capital but was about to intimate where his next destination may be, it was wasted on ITV.

Luckily, more words came during Mourinho’s post-match press conference:

“I know in England I’m loved. I’m loved by the fans, I’m loved by the media that treats me in a fair way, criticising me but giving me credit when I deserve it.

“I know I’m loved by some clubs, especially one, and in Spain, the situation is a bit different because some people hate me. Many of you are in this room.”

(Daily Mail)

I’m starting to think that perhaps my theory which involved Mourinho going to Paris instead of Chelsea may be wide of the mark and Jorge Mendes’ visits in the French capital are nothing to do with the Portuguese manager, but in relation to player transfers.

Of course nothing has been confirmed yet and Mourinho was also adamant of this as he said that he must remain respectful to his current club and won’t reveal anything official until the end of the campaign, but he looks certain to leave and has been panned by his critics in the Spanish press today (even the Barca-friendly papers) as he predicted.

For a while I thought that re-appointing Mourinho wouldn’t happen because it doesn’t follow the direction of youth development and attacking football that we’ve been going in over the past few years. However, perhaps Mourinho knows that he is no longer the hottest property in football as he has the likes of Pep Guardiola to contend with and the impressive Jurgen Klopp emerging amongst others. I’m hoping that if he does come back then he must settle, must work towards something that is lasting and tangible.

Is Mourinho coming back to Chelsea and has he agreed to see Roman Abramovich’s vision for the club through?

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4 responses to “Strongest hint yet that Mourinho is returning?”

  1. Adeyemi Ayobami says:

    Let him come back and his coming back will deffinately boost chelsea scord.

  2. Jimmy says:

    So much pre-meditated thoughts on this interview. Many saying he was about to announce he was returning to Chelsea! How stupid can people be? Mourinho is the king of mind games and playing with the press. He won’t come back to Chelsea. That ship has sailed. As much as I would love to see him come back, I just cannot see it happening. There was no way he was about to say he’s coming back to Chelsea in that interview as he had the opportunity to say that in the Sky conference he did shortly after. He said he wants to go to a place where he is loved, which sounds as though he is coming to England. Not necessarily Chelsea. He is loved in England amongst a lot of fans. Not just Chelsea. He will leave Madrid, and go somewhere he thinks he will get treated well. Chelsea looks possible, but I think he’ll go to City. We’re not even guaranteed CL football and he certainly wont come back if we don’t qualify

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Well, he did later suggest it would likely be England in the press conference after the game and this is what ITV cut short.

      I don’t know where he is going, only he does and at this time there may be no solid agreement in place.

      It’s an interesting theory in relation to City, Jimmy, but I can’t see him there for two reasons – Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain.

      London or Paris would be my guess.

  3. wos da yank says:

    I love jose for what he did for chelsea…but this guy is entirely the wrong option fir chelsea. It will mean the end of attractive, attacking football that eeve finally started to see. It will mean the end of the youth project for the next few years. Not to mention…the game has changed in the last few years and jose hasn’t really done much to warrant getting the chelsea job. One la liga title…a copa del ray….with one of the most expensive sides ever put together…with the second best player in the world. Not to mention…madrid a horrible bore to watch. His anti football style of defending first is so boring. If roman has any sense he will go for klopp or pelligrini. If he wants to rehire a manager…di matteo, ancellotti or hiddink. Let us all remember jose for what he has done…not find out he’s just “another one.”