Date: 9th May 2013 at 10:00pm
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Wayne+Rooney+Juan+Mata+Chelsea+v+Manchester+XlAtNStQjULxManchester United forward Wayne Rooney is keen on leaving Old Trafford and the press believe that Chelsea are interested in signing him.

I’m especially sceptical when it comes to this particular story and despite the Red Devils’ party line saying that Rooney is ‘not for sale’ it’s more likely that they would rather move him on than reuniting him with David Moyes, who sued the 27-year-old for libel back in 2007 for comments he made about the Scot in his autobiography.

Whether or not you think he would fit well into the side, it would be difficult to argue that it is worth handing United a hefty transfer fee whilst matching Rooney’s reported wages of £250,000-a-week. We’re supposed to be reducing costs under UEFA’s financial fair play, not increasing them and if we’re going to pay the big bucks then go for players on the incline of their careers like Radamel Falcao or Robert Lewandowski.

If it was up to me then I would try for Lewandowski, who is keen on Bayern Munich, but Dortmund would rather sell him abroad than to a league rival and are interested in Kevin De Bruyne. I don’t want to see the young Belgian leave the club on a permanent deal but if that’s what he wants and they’ve turned his head then there isn’t a lot we can do, so we may as well exploit the situation to advantage.

Anyway, I just want to know what your thoughts are on the links to Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, good idea or bad idea?


18 responses to “Debate: Would you have Rooney at Chelsea?”

  1. Mike B says:

    I would rather we didn’t sign anyone than one of the most overated players in the modern game. Why would we give £250k/wk to a player that can’t get in the Utd team. Let PSG have him. There are at least 20 players I would sign before even considering Rooney! He would be a worse buy than Torres…..!

    • Eddie says:

      Absolutely endorse these sentiments

      Further,let Falcoa go to Monaco.He seemingly is confused as to his ambitions.But,maybe we on the outside are.
      Lewandowski to my mind,would be a far better fit and likely would show more loyalty to the “blue nation”

  2. chuks says:

    we dn’t nd Rooney, he can’t even get first sheet i man u

  3. bob says:

    Good buy experienced premier league player better buy for value than falcao would link well with lewndoski needs new motivation chelsea/london would revitalize him!

  4. carl says:

    Id rather have torres for the next ten years than that whiney little scouser do you think hed be comin too us ta play or for the money? Id rather play the youth team then have a bunch of spoiled brats in our colours a lot a chelsea fans have turned inta monsters buy this buy that have a bitta pride in your team if your not joining for the love off our club then fuck off we dont need him we are chelsea and wel never die KTBFFH