Date: 2nd May 2013 at 4:00pm
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Jose Mourinho will have to work under technical director Michael Emenalo if he does make a return to Stamford Bridge as Chelsea manager, according to the Mirror.

It’s often said that Mourinho wants, or demands, total autonomy wherever he is and many believe that the presence of figures like Avram Grant and Frank Arnesen caused a fallout the last time the Portuguese manager was in charge at Chelsea.

Emenalo currently oversees the scouting network, youth development and recruitment at the club which is unlikely to change according to the Mirror‘s report and Ron Gourlay is also said to have Roman Abramovich’s full backing (god only knows why). The structure itself isn’t┬ádissimilar┬áto a lot of European clubs and Chelsea have worked towards their goals despite the revolving door policy which has seen a host of names come and go.

However, a compromise is likely to be made if Mourinho really is the first choice for the hot seat and I assume he is as Jurgen Klopp looks unlikely to depart Borussia Dortmund as things stand and whilst Manuel Pellegrini’s attacking style will appeal to Abramovich, he probably won’t be considered ahead of Mourinho and the club know that they can build a few bridges, that were burnt when Rafael Benitez was hired, by bringing the Real Madrid coach back to West London.

But that’s assuming Mourinho is making these demands, it all sounds like guesswork and assumption on behalf of the press to me. The situation has become one of farce as the media, as well as the fans, are talking about another club’s manager as if he is our own and despite what you may think of Real Madrid, was it right of Mourinho to so publicly announce that he will be leaving the Santiago Bernabeu and issue a ‘come-and-get-me’ plea?

By going out on a limb like that Mourinho either has something sign or is desperate to lobby his name in connection with the job as he spoke of his love of England, where he is loved by that one club in particular. If at least one of those things is true then I doubt Emenalo is going to be much of a problem. Most of the things Emenalo does are unlikely to be of Mourinho’s concern and I believe he, or whoever the next manager is, won’t have a problem as long as a third-party isn’t telling him what to do when it comes to preparing the first team.

Source: The Mirror


2 responses to “Does Emenalo really represent a problem for Mourinho?”

  1. wos da yank says:

    I just can’t see him coming back and working under emenalo…they would bump heads at the first sign of trouble…then roman would sack him again. Also…why isn’t anyone pointing out how much of a risk this would be for roman. Most rational chelsea fans have moved on from jose…we love what he did…but accept the club are heading in a new direction. However, lets say roman hires him back and things go well for a while but then the same old issues pop up. Jose wants more say over transfers and roman wants more attractive, attacking football…could he really survive sacking him again? Would the vast majority of chelsea fans tolerate that? Seeems insanely dangerous to me. Look at the hysteria amongst the majority of chelsea fans demanding that he’s bought back…if roman hires him back now…he’d be hsrd pressed to let jose see out his contract no matter what. Afterall…at what point would most chelsea fans turn on jose?

    • OscarDelta says:

      You’re not saying anything new. Before it was just the romantics that thought it possible, or the conspiracy theorists but now it actually looks as though he’s coming back.

      His words after the CL exit were really out of character. Never has Jose looked so worn out, never has he revealed himself to be as vulnerable and deliberately put himself in a weak place if negotiations were ongoing by mentioning his need to be appreciated.

      It’s all very interesting stuff, it can’t be ignored