Date: 17th April 2013 at 10:05pm
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shotdead World Cup


6 responses to “Video: Is this David Luiz strike a goal of the season contender?”

  1. Oyetade Abiodun henry says:

    Wonderous goal by david luis,this goal is one of the best goal of the season for sure

  2. Oyetade Abiodun henry says:

    The club is chelsea,the colour is blue,the owner is Abramovic,the player is David Luis.up BLUES.

  3. ishaq moshood says:

    The goal is superb, is one of the best goal this season

  4. Silencer says:

    One goal from forty high and/or wide shots? Maybe re do headline-
    “(only) goal of the season”.
    Why so players look to sky and thank ‘god’? Is this the same god that kills children with cancer or allows people to be blown to bits etc etc? Sounds like a sad and pathetic deity to waste energy on praising it. Religion is poison.

    • Jose mourinho says:

      We r talking about football #luiz goal precisely. Watch wat u say, don’t blaspheme.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      I really don’t understand your point there, Silencer