Date: 14th April 2013 at 6:40pm
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Hands up if you have no faith in the FA to punish Sergio Aguero for this…


4 responses to “Video: Aguero gets away with shocking challenge in cup semi-final”

  1. Michael58 says:

    Its Chris Foy again nothing will happen .

  2. Bobby says:

    I seen the match and thought Chris Foy was doing a good job, he allowed physicality which did suit City more than us, you cannot complain about that given our 2004/2005-2010 team. I would perhaps have handed City 2 reds, they were lucky in that regard, and the penalty which was not his fault either given the angle. If the penalty had been scored I do not think our boys would have had the energy to cope, Yaya Toure was immense and deserved to be on the winning team.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      I don’t think anyone has a problem with the outcome but may feel aggrieved as they thought Chelsea were at least good to force extra time.

      City were the better team overall though, I have no problem admitting that. I don’t think Foy had a good game at all though. Ignored blatant fouls on both sides and it isn’t a surprise that it descended into a flashpoint like the Aguero/Luiz incident.

  3. Lee Manning says:

    Just saw the Luis interview after the game, What a legend, if I was in his shoes, good thing I am not I would have been checking the fixture list and penciling in a flying headbutt!