Date: 18th April 2013 at 6:30pm
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It would be hard to imagine any other player than John Terry as Chelsea captain these days but as he is in and out of the team these days it might be a good idea to start thinking who will lead the Blues in the long run.

Both Frank Lampard (vice captain) and Petr Cech will usually stake a claim on the armband when Terry is absent from the starting line-up but the former isn’t a natural leader and it is difficult to marshal anything but the defence when you’re skippering the team from the goal-line.

Before Terry was officially named captain by Jose Mourinho, he was playing as a natural successor to Marcel Desailly and was accustomed to leading his side before the Portuguese manager had arrived, could we see something similar again?

David Luiz is currently first choice in the Blues’ defence and although I (amongst others) have been heavily critical of his erratic style of defending, he definitely does have the personality to carry the responsibility of the armband and whether you love or loathe him he seems to take a great deal of pride when pulling on the shirt.

The Brazilian has been the most improved player since Rafael Benitez arrived at Stamford Bridge and has a case of being the most improved overall this season. Benitez has helped show that with the right coaching Luiz can make it as a great centre-half or central midfielder, with the right manager he could potentially be a great captain?

It’s still too soon to tell but there’s only one way to find out and those that work with him regularly will know if he’s up for the job or not. I’d like to think it would help level him out a bit more as he is still prone to the odd scary moment and sometimes suffers with a bit of over-confidence in the wrong areas.

The 25-year-old is becoming more and more outspoken, announcing himself as one of the leading voices in the dressing room and Terry, who knows a few things about what makes a good captain, believes Luiz is captain material when he was asked recently:

“I think so. He pushes the lads. He is like that in training, demanding a lot from himself and the other players.

“You look at David and he has done incredibly well this year. The Fulham game just shows what ability he has. Not just the goal but five minutes after that he stepped into midfield and put Fernando [Torres] through with his left foot with a 40-yard ball. He is still learning, still young but will be a very good player.”

(Evening Standard)

Now, I don’t think Terry is going anywhere at least until the end of next season but he could play a vital role in helping his successor develop as a leader.

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21 responses to “Has this man got what it takes to be Chelsea’s next captain?”

  1. joyce says:

    Yes good choice, he is young and hungry, most improved and will mature into a hard but fair captain, has my vote !!

    • Dj says:

      Petr is matured, reliable, respected by fans, teammates and coaching staff, always encouraging others, is bilingual, knows the culture of the club better and is senior to Luiz. Why should he not be the captain?

  2. obi says:

    David is my choice for next captain for sure!He’s keeps on going,he motivates and is ever passionate,plus he’s improving everyday

    • Dj says:

      Tell me one thing he has which Petr Cech doesn’t have. Cech should be the captain

  3. Bigdavechels says:

    You would have to be nuts! Let’s be honest. Chelsea fans are getting flair and the odd moment of brilliance mixed up with solid and reliable. David Luiz is a crappy defender. Every time there’s a goal just look at his positioning! Ball watching like he is in the crowd. Players always behind him and never marks a man. He is to blame for our crap defensive record. Watch v city. Alex could hit a ball like no other and was a far better central defender. Notice terry, ivanovich, cole . All have been dropped and affected by Luis terrible defending. He. Has goalscoring flair not defensive passion or nous. Go!

    • OscarDelta says:

      We concede less goals when he is in the team. Statistically he’s our best midfielder, just his mistakes often lead to concede them and the other three don’t receive the same criticism with their errors.

    • Dj says:

      Petr Cech has no equal when it comes to leadership qualities. He is matured, respected, cool headed, reliable and has been a faithful servant to the club. What makes Luiz a better option than Cech? WOW! Some Chelsea fans can be sentimental

    • fb says:

      Ur sick….he is so good until all his errors are just intentional.he enjoys the talk like arsenal fan… you guys have any respected defender.

      • Dj says:

        Why do you have to engage in insults? Everyone has the right to speak their mind. I won’t call you sick for have a different opinion from mine. Grow up!

  4. SMOKIEJACK says:


  5. Jose mourinho says:

    He’s a good player nd passionate… But he’s got loads of ego and pride, But that is costing him ma vote, since he’s got no respect for his elders @Frankie, raising his voice at #MrChelsea (the oldest) smh.
    He pushes for the ambard and I aint giving it to him.
    He’s not the David of the holy bible who wasn’t there when he was chosen and never anticipated been the chosen one. The proposed captain is not known yet QED.

    • OscarDelta says:

      Lampard started pointing the finger at him, not the other way around. Doesn’t matter how old the man is, only a pussy wouldn’t react when somene is getting up in their face.

      I’d have told him where to go too.

      • Dj says:

        May be that’s why you are not a soccer or team player. I remember Terry yelling at Mikel one time for playing the ball out when an opposing player was injured. Mikel knowing who Terry was, just humbly walked away.

        In any case, Luiz does not even come close to Petr Cech in leadership quality. It will be insane to make him captain over Petr Cech. Cech is miles ahead of him in every department.

    • Dj says:

      As long as Petr Cech remains a Chelsea player, there should be no debate about who the next captain should be

  6. mohamed abdulkarim says:

    Realy to me david luiz is a true leader and chelsea is part of his soul as he always claims, and he proved it on the field he always like to encourage his team mates. so that he should be given the armand soon rather than later and u ll see him improving not only him but others lyk oskar-hazard-cahil

  7. Marc BKK/CFC says:

    Gets my vote, Luiz has the passion, is only improving and seems to genuinely be respected by the players, is clearly intelligent and I think can be inspiring and mean in equal measure KTBFFH

  8. ali muhammed says:

    I really like david luiz to be chelsea captain, because he is d only defender that we have nw, he deserve it

  9. Dj says:

    This will be a slap in the face of Petr Cech. He is the one single player who deserves to be captain. He has 2x every leadership quality Luiz might have.