Date: 26th April 2013 at 2:16pm
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Chelsea Player Ratings v FC Basle:


Petr Cech – 7

Steady as ever and made a few good interceptions.

Cesar Azpilicueta – 6

He probably still doesn’t have a clue how a penalty was given against him but made a few good attacking runs and was ok.

Branislav Ivanovic – 7.5

Won every single one of his aerial duels, defended fairly well and played an important role in the game’s opening goal.

John Terry – 7

Read the game well and was unlucky not to score in injury time with a header that saved at point blank range.

Ashley Cole – 6

First game back since the hamstring injury. Was solid enough dealing with the likes of Mohamed Salah but gave the ball away too often and earned himself a stupid yellow card.

David Luiz – 7.5

Gets a good rating mainly because he scored the winning goal and played a decent passing game, but I don’t believe the hype that midfield is his natural role as he was infective defensively in this area and didn’t win a single challenge all game. Fortunate to not see red towards the end.

Frank Lampard – 5.5

Was accurate with his 87% passing but along with David Luiz they allowed the opposition too much time and space in the middle of the park.

Ramires – 6

The man can’t pass for toffee but his energy is limitless and won more challenges than anyone else in the side. Always puts in a shift despite being frustrating.

Eden Hazard – 7

Has been accused by some analysts of trailing off at times in this game but he terrifies defenders when he has the ball at his feet. Should have scored his chance and was unfortunate not to have a couple of assists.

Victor Moses – 7

Was very good in the first half but could’t maintain that level for me to give him a higher rating. Scored the opener.

Fernando Torres – 5.5

Wasn’t involved anywhere near as much as he should have been and other than hitting the post he did little else.


Mata (for Hazard 70) – 6

Tidy passing and brought a freshness but didn’t have enough time to truly influence things as he can.

Oscar – (for Lampard 79) 5.5

Missed a sitter.

But that’s just my humble opinion, how did you rate last night’s performance?

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9 responses to “Chelsea Player Ratings v FC Basle”

  1. Prince Charles says:

    Luiz is our bet DM as he has everything unfortunately he got little support from Lampard who I believe is not suited to this position-Mikel does not influence the game and cannot score goals while Ramires passing stinks

    • Anthony Williams says:

      I don’t think a defensive midfielder is supposed to score goals, it’s just a bonus if they do but I agree that we have issues in this area. Thanks for your comment.

  2. George says:

    Azpilicueta needs to go , he suck , if Benitez love him so much he should take him at the end

    • Tobias says:

      I assume you are a troll but you’re a moron and you need to realise this.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Honestly have no idea why you have a problem with the man.

      • Tobias says:

        He is saying Azpilicueta is useless and needs to leave, he’s been brilliant this season so what he said is just moronic. I don’t mind criticism if it’s fair but that is stupid.

        • Anthony Williams says:

          I got that, I meant I don’t know why he has a problem with Azpilicueta as I think he’s had a good first season.

          • Tobias says:

            I thought that is what you meant after i posted, sorry my bad 😀

  3. Austine Chidi says:

    Cezar is a quality plus for the future both in cfc and in spain inclusively.We should only encourage him towards becoming the best right back in the world.D guy is simply good and needs encouragement