Date: 25th April 2013 at 12:00pm
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I have lost count at how many times Jose Mourinho has signed a deal that will see him make a return to Stamford Bridge this summer but we have yet another rumour, only this time he’s bringing Radamel Falcao according to German publication Bild.

The story generated quite a bit of excitement on Twitter when it went online last night after Mourinho’s side were schooled by Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund. The reason why people reacted in this way was because Bild were the ones that broke the Mario Gotze to Bayern Munich rumours…so what?

Like any publication whether it be Bild, L’Equipe, Marca, Gazzetta Dello Sport or the Guardian, they will all print rumours and sometimes there sources will come good, most of the time they don’t.

The original article is only about 150 words long and was probably put up on the quick to get hits on the website as well as the numerous retweets across Twitter and shares on Facebook.

If there is a source on this one then my guess is that it’s Jorge Mendes as he represents both Mourinho and Falcao, and it has been claimed on a number of occasions that the Portuguese manager is lobbying hard for the job at Stamford Bridge but has Roman Abramovich to convince, whereas it’s been presented as the other way around by the majority of the British media.

I don’t know what the future holds for Mourinho but have this nagging feeling (and this really is nothing more than a hunch) that those who want him back will be left disappointed and he’ll end up at Paris Saint-Germain, where he has the opportunity to further boost his CV by winning a league title in a fifth different country. I think he’s more than likely on Abramovich’s list but the final decision is the Russian’s and he may want to opt for a more expansive style of football and someone with a proven record of player development.

As for Falcao, it’s looking more likely than it ever did but we know how quickly these things can change.

Source: Bild

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12 responses to “Jose agrees yet another Chelsea return this month”

  1. wos da yank says:

    Finally someeone with sense. Nice article. I too have doubts that roman will rehire jose. Why would he spend millions of pounds, sack numerous managers and purchase all these flair players in the pursuit of attacking football only to return to jose boring boring chelsea. I think last night was the death nail for jose return to chelsea. His side was boring and totally outclassed by a brilliant Dortmund side who played beautiful football.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      I just think the media want the story. Bild is also claiming that Klopp was told by Mourinho that he will be going to Chelsea, but I still don’t buy it and the German doesn’t strike me as the type to blab and speculate over the future of an opponent.

  2. chelsea till I die says:

    hopefully this is true Mourinho and falcao come to cfc..

  3. Lucky says:

    It can happen to any coach afterall he is not the one on the field of play rather the players let him down. It should not be a criteria if Mourinho want to come back to Chelsea

    • wos da yank says:

      So when his team wins he gets credit..when they lose..he takes no blame and its the players….awesome logic there.

  4. HADS says:

    i wish him the best at chelsea.

  5. tayo says:

    my taking on this issue is mourinho is dtill the best coach in the world going ny his intimidating records, hw can somebdy with his right senses used ystday march to disqualified this very brilliant coach although only those that are jittery of is coming back to chelsea that saying what is not, Mourinho is the best for chelsea as at today.

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Tell me this, name one young player Mourinho has developed during his career and any time in which his style of football was envied?

    • wos da yank says:

      Never said he wasn’t able to win or that he’s a bad manager. He’s just not the right fit for us anymore. He plays boring football…prove that wrong. He doesn’t develop youth or plan for the future…prove that wrong. He prefers big, strong players in a defensive system that plays on the counter which is not what roman wants….prove that wrong. Also…give me one piece of evidence that roman is willing to admit he made a mistake….that he will abandon his quest for attractive, attacking football. Just one…any of you pro jose return fans?

  6. kuye tunde says:

    @tayo true talk. morinho has tasted success in 4 diferent league and this make him one of the best coach in the world if not no one on the list. madrid vs dotmond canever b use to judge him afterall many of his player are unfit, d like f dmaria, bnzima, abiol, etc. so far so good he is very brilliant and nobody can disput dat. if he handle the team like barca no body will b able to difit him in d world cos he will add up physical strengh to d brilliant team which barca is lacking. ill b glad if hes back to chelsea to make the team a formidable one once again. wot is abramovic result since he want cfc to play like barca,nothing dan to make the team so cheap in the eye of swansea and co.

  7. Khaled Faiz says:

    What about hiring Bayern Munich’s current manager for Chelsea?

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Well he’s a potential treble winner which makes me doubt Chelsea are ignoring him, so I’d say he’s on a short-list which includes Mourinho and Pellegrini amongst others perhaps.

      Chelsea dropped a bombshell when they signed Villas-Boas as almost every source of media was certain it’d be Guus Hiddink, so we know the Blues can do things on the DL.