Date:13th March 2013 at 5:00pm
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Michael Emenalo-ChelseaJose Mourinho’s name is being mentioned more and more in relation to a return to Stamford Bridge and speculation has been fuelled after Spanish TV program Punto Pelota revealed that Roman Abramovich recently gifted the Portuguese manager a watch that’s worth around £350,000 which would suggest that the duo are getting on well.

However, despite the belief that there may have been any animosity between them or that Abramovich may be too proud to recall his former manager aren’t the main factors against the Special One returning to Chelsea, according to the Daily Star, who say that the move hinges on the removal of the club’s technical director Michael Emenalo.

It is said that Emenalo was instrumental in bringing Rafael Benitez to the club which is seen by a mistake by fans, experts and almost anyone associated with the game, even if they’re against the protests or argue that energy should be spent on supporting the team, they still realise it is a monumental error in judgement and it’s likely someone’s head will roll for it.

Emenalo is in charge of staff recruitment so he would certainly be responsible, although I do not think he’s the only one to blame for the mistakes made in recent years I feel he’d be the one made a scapegoat and the only one that will lose his job. It’s unlikely he would be missed by many as he’s always been something of a controversial figure and was being blamed earlier in the season for his part in building an unbalanced squad.

If this is Mourinho’s demand would he be right?

I can see Emenalo getting the push despite being the eyes and ears of Abramovich because of the whole Benitez situation as well as our stumbling this season, but it is doubtful that the position itself would be scrapped.  I guess the main thing Mourinho would be concerned about is the amount of influence the technical director has.