Date:17th December 2012 at 11:04am
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Whilst one is a game that requires peak physical condition and the other a game that requires peak mental strength, football and poker has far more in common than you would actually think. For this reason, many of the qualities that a football player must possess to be successful are also required on a poker table too.


It is no secret that if a football team wants to win a match, they need to be fully focused for the entire match to minimise any mistakes, whilst always watching how your opponents play, and particular patterns and strategies they are using in an attempt to beat you. This is exactly the same with poker, you have to be fully aware of how your opponents play, what strategies they are employing and what you think they might do next.


Bluffing is about fooling your opponent in poker; it is about making them believe something that is not true. This same sort of mental trickery is everywhere in football, whether you are a winger and need to get past your opponent by making them think you are going to go one way but then take the ball past them on the other side, or whether you have a penalty and you bluff the keeper by making him think you are going to put it in the bottom corner then smash it straight down the middle.

Mental Strength!

Poker and football both require immense mental strength. In football if you go a goal down, the most successful players and teams never let their heads drop, with them becoming determined to go and get an equalizer. In poker a player needs to be able to deal with a bad beat or loss of a large amount of chips in the same way, they have to try to not let it affect them too much and in fact inspire them to work even harder to get back ahead.


A footballer likes to show off with tricks with the ball, where as many poker players like to do fancy tricks with their chips. Whilst this is not needed to become a successful poker player, it is a good way to help the time go by when awaiting your turn.

Competitive Streak!

If you want to successful at any sport or game that requires you to beat other players, a player needs to have that competitive nature about them. They want to win at all costs and will play their best game in an attempt to do so. A footballer without that competitive edge will not go very far in the game, which is exactly the same for any poker player who harbours dreams of being amongst the best in the world.

So you can now see why many football players turn to poker on sites such as during and after their football career, as it is a natural replacement for that adrenaline boost.