Date:24th November 2012 at 5:45pm
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Chelsea’s problem in the striker position is well documented as Fernando Torres’ woes have continued and he looks increasingly disinterested, whilst Daniel Sturridge hasn’t convinced one the rare occasion he’s been used and he seems to be injured every time he looks as though he’s going to get a chance.

The club needs another forward and Didier Drogba’s request to go somewhere on loan ahead of the transfer window has been denied by FIFA, so it wouldn’t be worth bringing him in on the short-term as he will be competing in the African Cup of Nations. I’m not sure I’d like to see him back anyway, as he bowed out in the perfect way and that should remain unspoiled in my view.

So, as fans seek an alternative the name Romelu Lukaku seems to pop up every now and again as there is an option to recall the Belgian forward this winter if we wanted to, but do we?

Lukaku isn’t a regular at West Brom, who currently sit 3rd in the Premier League table, but he looks to be enjoying his football and has scored four goals, and has assisted twice. His cameo against Sunderland was impressive today as he coolly scored a penalty and set up Fortune for West Brom’s fourth. He was also unlucky not to score another of his own after some trickery in the box and a shot which unfortunately hit the woodwork.

The 19-year-old arrived at Stamford Bridge with the billing of the ‘new Drogba’ and struggled to make an impact in a high pressure environment last season, but made his frustrations known as he felt it was unfair that he didn’t have more opportunities as he sat their and watched the likes of Torres misfire time and time again.

He’s still young and still has a lot to learn, and whilst I wasn’t impressed by his moaning ahead of the season beginning, I’m delighted that he seems to have put that behind him and is progressing well under the watchful eye of former Chelsea player/assistant manager Steve Clarke, who is doing an excellent job at The Hawthorns.

Alan Smith commented on Lukaku and the fact he could give Chelsea another option off the bench and I have no doubt he could, but he may be better off where he is for now as it is likely Torres will continue to play regardless of form under Rafael Benitez unless a better forward arrives in January.

Would you recall Lukaku?


6 responses to “Would you recall him this January, or is Lukaku better off where he is?”

  1. Silencer says:

    Stay at WBA, Luk’s.
    Seems as though ‘Her’nando Torres will be given MORE chances to fail miserably.
    I’d bench Torres for the remainder of the season. He’s not scoring goals. May as well sit it out, hey? Put Piazon up front.
    Ps: I hate you, abramovic.

  2. Sir Cecil says:

    I don’t know about Lukaku being better off where he is, but I think Chelsea is better off where he is.

    • foggy says:

      a quick look at a Baggies forum and it seems their fans have not been overly impressed. The words which keeps coming up are ‘raw’ and ‘very raw’.

  3. wisesageknowledge says:

    Let him be. Guaranteed match time, in a system that works, with a coach that will mold him well.

  4. Vikie codebar says:

    Fernand OH Torres, its a pity tin aint working out 4 ya

  5. foggy says:

    watching the city game, it seemed every time the ball went to Torturous, Chelsea’s play broke down, lost momentum, etc…

    Harsh on Sturridge that he’s hardly had a chance and people have already made their mind up he’s not up to the required level.

    Sturridge has been packing fitness and game-time, and in his rare opportunities he is over zealous in trying to prove himself. Given a quarter of the amount of patience which Torture-us has had, he will prove a deadly striker.