Date:22nd November 2012 at 11:49pm
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It has been a crazy and dramatic time at Chelsea football club in recent days, with the sacking of fan favourite Roberto Di Matteo and the appointment of the unpopular Rafa Benitez on the interim, but the media are already discussing who are next manager will be and Barcelona star Lionel Messi believes Pep Guardiola would be a success wherever he end up.

Messi did not want to be drawn into a discussion about our outgoing coach, saying:

“It’s difficult to judge the situation when you are not inside the club but Chelsea are a great club and with big clubs if you lose two game consecutively then these things can happen, the pressure starts to mount.”

He believes Guardiola, widely tipped to be the next permanent manager at the west London club, will be a success wherever he ends up:

“Guardiola will be a success wherever he goes. He is widely recognised as one of the best coaches in the world.

“For me he is the best coach in the world and wherever he goes he will be a success I have no doubt about that. He’ll go where he wants to go and good luck to him.”

(Daily Mail)

I think Guardiola is one of the only men, along with Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink, that is good enough for the job in the eyes of Roman Abramovich and it’s believed that the former Barcelona coach is the Russian’s number one target.

It’s clear that Benitez is passing through, just there to put us in a position where we can bring in a big name coach at the end of the season, but who do you think will be the next permanent boss at Chelsea and why?


8 responses to “Messi: Pep would be a success at any club”

  1. GUARDIOLA is d best 4 that position

  2. ROMAN ABRAMOVIC is always looking 4 entreatment football and only GUARDIOLA can do it 4 him UP BLUES

  3. Milamjoe says:

    Since u has sack my best manager so far from chelsea, please boss u better bring Guardiola, beacuse i believe Rafel will take us to the grave.

  4. Jaymac says:

    If he does not get Guardiola then the sack of RDM will turn out to be a ‘football suicide’,because I believed that Guardiola is the only coach that can satisfy the spirit and desires of Abramovich,so sacking RDM who happened to be among the best coaches that Chelsea has ever had, without first making sure he had secured the assurance of Guardiola’s service, would turn out to be the most unwise business decision that Chelsea owner has ever made in football terms.Because the question would be,why sack RDB when you are not sure of Guardiola?

  5. bassey says:

    I need nobody else except Roberto Di Matheo. That FA Cup and champions league trophy was crasy

  6. Arnold Alabere says:

    You all are funny, I love RDM i really do but te truth is, the sacking from Roman was part of his fault, yes Roman has a short fuse but everyone knowns that, and that might be the reason why Guardiola hasn’t taken the job yet, see i’ll say it and continue saying it any chelsea coach would have to tell the owner the truth- Torres was a waste of Time and money, i believe he cost RDM his job and if another top strike is not brought in as soon as possible then Benitez would be out by March, i dont mean Falcao or Cavani right away, Maybe a Huntelaar, or Dzeko someone who would kill to play in that Chelsea attack, i mean how can you not score goals with those guys behind you, you’ve got Hazard, Oscar, Mata and your not scoring goals your problem’s got to be spiritual, am sure Dider’s regreting why he had compassion on Torres and left the spot for him we know Didier’s no Messi but he would easily have scored 15 goals in 20 with those three behind him, Falcao and Cavani are proven goal scorers but now’s not the time to bring them in. I always said that amongst the top six or now eight, including westbrom,Newcastle and Everton we have the worst strike force, Torres doesn’t deserve to wear the Chelsea shirt, 7 goals in 20 starts this season geez Petr Cech would do better even with his head protector, Toress is a total joke and lets not talk about Sturridge that guy thinks he’s Leo Messi but then Shane Long and Taylor Fletcher would be who? PELE, in all fairness RDM digged his own grave by putting his faith in those two, if i were Benitez i would bring in real strikers as soon as possible, infact that would be my priority; any help he thinks he can give Torres would be a waste of his time and his time is already ticking.

  7. sorunke seun says:

    Frankly , speaking , with the kind of tiki taka style of play Roman Abrahamovich is looking for, he won’t stop @ any lent to get what he wants with him money.. But, I must let u knw that he has lost the love of most Chelsea FC fans with the manner he used in sacking our favourite ex-manager Roberto Dimateo. Let’s watch and see how the event unfold in the latter months.

  8. MikeOxlong says:

    Guus would be my first choice! I really liked his style of football last time round, a more fluid approach to formation, and I think it wouls be a good fit for the players there now.
    For me Pep is unproven, fair enough he won loads with Barca, but i’d bet I’d do a not bad job with them myself! I actually thought some of his tactics were a bit suspect as he had no “Plan B” for when the ticky tack passing wasn’t enough.
    I’m convinced that with the right manager we are very close to being a GREAT team. i think with some more strength upfront and a decent DM we’ll be very hard to beat. Also we seem to miss a leader when JT and Lamps are not playing. Someone has to step up when those two ain’t playing