Date: 26th June 2012 at 11:00pm
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Raul Meireles:

The Portuguese midfielder has isn’t exactly popular amongst the fans, so much so that when he does actually play a half decent game he’ll still be described as most as being useless. His time at the club has been mixed and it is true that his form was mostly poor, but he’s a decent squad player to have and I wouldn’t be against him sticking around.

He has been linked with a move as Italian outfit Napoli in a deal for around £8m, according to the Daily Mail, but he has refused to comment on his future until he’s finished at the Euros with Portugal.

Florent Malouda:

Malouda is a player that has done good things for the club, especially during the double winning campaign under Carlo Ancelotti, but has been a constant source of frustration for most of his Chelsea career and there aren’t many fans that would be sad to see the back of the 32-year-old, who is arguably one of the fans’ least favourite players and would top most lists of players that should be shown the exit door.

He’s been strongly linked with a move to South America to play in Brazil, which I wrote about previously here.

Daniel Sturridge:

Following an impressive loan spell prior to last season the 22-year-old finally broke into Chelsea’s first team when Andre Villas-Boas took charge at the club last summer. He was on fire in the early stages of the season, there was calls for him to play centre forward in Rooney’s absence at the Euros and he ended the campaign with a respectful 13 goals and seven assists from his role as right-forward.

Surely we would be mad for wanting to move this young talent on, right?…Wrong! He’s definitely talented and I believe he has what it takes to be a top star, but his attitude is questionable and there are rumours that he’s not happy at the club as he hasn’t received many opportunities as a centre forward. For someone that just broke into the team this is disappointing as he didn’t seem grateful to be in the side and he only has one-year remaining on his deal at Chelsea, if he isn’t happy then he won’t sign an extension so the logical decision to get some cash whilst we can.

Michael Essien:

He’s always been a player that the fans at Chelsea have appreciated and the Ghana midfielder will be a player that we would miss.

However, he’s now 29-years-old, has been ravaged by injuries and is currently picking up a lucrative wage as well as taking up a spot in the squad that could be filled by a younger midfielder with more reliable fitness. There are those that argue we should have another look at him in the pre-season and give him another chance, but he’s had his second chance already.

It’s sad, it’s a shame, but it is time for him to move on.

Paulo Ferreira:

Not much to say here. Nothing against Ferreira at all and he’s been a great servant to the club since signing from Porto when Jose Mourinho took charge at the club in 2004/05 season.

But the 33-year-old does not feature much these days, in fact he hasn’t for quite some time and although he still puts in a shift when he’s called upon, we need better backup and it would not hurt to give one of our youngsters a chance.

We all have different opinions on these things though, who do you think we should buy/sell this summer? – Have your say in the comments section below


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    Totally agree with you and interesting to read about Essien and mixed opinions which is fair. But the rest have to go and if only one, please please get rid of that scumbag useless moron of a tramp
    Miereles the ultimate idiot – running out ofof polite adjectives. He is the worst player I have ever seen in a blue shirt. I have no idea how he is even considered a professional footballer or how he has made it to Chelsea or the national team. This disgrace of a fool Miereles cannot tackle, makes bo useful passes forward, sideways or back. The idiot never gets into good positions to recieve the ball or make space, he cannot close down players or challenge decently and he contributes nothing on the pitch except that tramp of a hairstyle and jogging around taking up space for another. This I’m happy to say is the first player I will openly booo and hate in a Chelsea shirt. Get lost and get out you absolute moron Miereles.
    of polite adjectives. HE is th


    Miereles is the shittest shitface

  3. pls chel go nd get hulk,cavani,schurrle,nd gd defender who replace bosingwa.

  4. Benjamin Ichani says:

    Pls let us not giveup in signing victor moses bcos that guy is a great star in the nearest future. Let cash them young instead of going 4 those already made players

  5. Tochi Osborne says:

    I nearly totally agree with ur 5 ‘out’ list except dat i would luv 2 see how well Sturidge will change under RDM, extend his contract, if after pre-season and until december nofin happens, den january he goes. As 4 Mireles, i would reluctantly want him 2 make way 4 Modric. I would also want 2 see Essien replaced with Fellani. My wishlist 4 d next season are: Ins: Fellani, Modric/or a return of Josh McEachran to full first-team action, an finally Hulk, jst dat his agent and Porto wants to extort money 4rm Chelsea. Outs: Bosingwa, Ferrera, Malouda, Essien, Kalou, Mireles, and painfully d legendary Drogba. As 4d RB issue, we’ve got enough in our youth system, one of those guyz can be played second choice to Ivanovic like Cole & Berthrand pending full occupancy. I’d really want 2 see our youths blossom in d first team, c’mon ppl…..dats y we’ve gat em in d 1st place, atleast carlin cup games 4a start. chelsea till i die…

  6. MHLSeasonticketholder says:

    From those mentioned above, Ferriera, Essien and Malouda are the three I’d be rid of, I would also get rid of Hilario and Benayoun. The latter player, particularly was a waste of money, at the time he seemed a wise buy, but has, so far only had 20 good minutes in Chelsea shirt.