The weak link in Chelsea’s attack?

Things for Torres can only improve – or so he would hope – and it is clear that AVB is willing to give him a chance. Even if the manager’s patience was to run out, with the African Cup of Nations and the sheer amount of games Chelsea will be playing this season, the minutes on the field will come for Torres, he just has to make use of them and keep his head up. In such situations, attitude goes a long way to helping the situation, and Torres must make sure he keeps working in training and has the belief that the goals will come.

The issue is not the Premier League, during his time on Merseyside he only received positive reviews, and the talent is clearly there. He as looked brighter since the season begun, and will have received a confidence boost from being picked in the season opener, yet by now dropping him the damage AVB may have done to the players confidence cannot be under estimated. If AVB felt Torres was his number one striker at the start of the season, he should see this through and keep faith in the player.

Mata on the other hand is a breath of fresh air at Chelsea and gives them the pace and creativity that they have not seen on the flanks since the days of Arjen Robben. He certainly looks like being in the first eleven at the Bridge for a long time to come, and Chelsea fans will be excited to see how he performs in his champions league debut for them midweek, and then in a huge game for the club the following Sunday at Old Trafford against Manchester United.

If Chelsea want to challenge for the title this season they are going to need both of their Spaniards to be at the peak of their powers, sadly for them it seems only one is anywhere near that at this time.

By Rebecca Knight for This Is Futbol